Sahitya Gabeshana Paddhati O Prayog by Jayanta Goswami PDF

Sahitya Gabeshana Paddhati O Prayog by Jayanta Goswami PDF.

Name of Book – Sahitya Gabeshana Paddhati O Prayog,
Name of Author – Jayanta Goswami,
Genre – Bengali Novel,
Book Pages – 108,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 3 MB,

Sahitya Gabeshana Paddhati O Prayog novel by Jayanta Goswami

Jayanta Goswami wrote the novel Sahitya Gabeshana Paddhati O Prayog

The book Sahitya Gabeshana Paddhati O Prayog (Literary Research Methodology and Application) is written by author Jayant Ghoshal. This book is published focusing on literature research. The author wrote a draft of this book out of love for the world of research without thinking about its literary merit and did not publish it. In writing the book, the author has presented the context of literature research methods and applications so that the researchers can get support in their research.

Five special concepts become active in people’s mind at this time when people step into research through synthesis consciousness and analysis consciousness centered on data and theory. Concepts are very realistic and eternal. The five special concepts that become active in the human mind during research are – fallacy, the intersection of fallacy and truth, the transition from fallacy to truth, conviction of truth, and glimpses of truth.
Contradiction always tends to keep concepts opaque. Inquiring with this ambiguity keeps the researcher’s mind active. Fortitude of mind is conducive to subtlety in the human world. Then the mental complex due to lack of strength destroys the mental well-being of people and the result of this complex is pessimism.

In his book “Methods and Applications of Literary Research” the author elaborates beautifully what steps are taken in the understanding of theory and data. Researchers engage in deep thinking in the field of research, for which neurological fitness is essential. Many times researchers suffer from various problems and mental turmoil due to various reasons. This turmoil is largely centered around his research. It is the moral duty of all to eliminate it. The author feels that cooperation should always be extended.

What is the famous novel of writer and researcher Asit Kumar Bandyopadhyay?

The writer was helped in writing this research book by eminent writer and researcher of Bengal Mr. Dr. Asit Kumar Bandyopadhyay and Prof. Dr. Nirmalendu Bhowmik. Such books are very scarce in Bengali literature. The sole purpose of the author is to make the researcher research and research environment better, more beautiful. Not to hurt anyone. At the end of this book, the author could not even add various information on oral literature research, book research and general literature research.

From time immemorial, people around the world have described their lifestyles through countless writings. Although it can be called the natural attraction and sincere feeling of people. Many writers and writers have highlighted the research and overall judgment on the origin of human life, self-identity, lifestyle, religion etc. Everyone’s intentions are noble. Poets and writers have expressed the purpose of human life, animals and birds, descriptions of nature etc. in the form of literature. Many books have also been published on the research.

The term ‘research’ has a fundamental application and jurisprudence. The term research means objective thinking. World Literature Academy, however, has a slightly different mindset. In their case the term research is used to refer to a particular type of work.

What is literary research and why?

Art is born as a result of the attempt to make the feeling of the mind beautiful through something. When language is taken as a medium, we call it literature, creation, pain, search, selection, presentation, sociality, word-consciousness, arrangement, consciousness, etc. are the responsibility of the literary artist. On the other hand, readers also have a responsibility. Attainment of merit, reaction in the mind, analysis of reaction and attempt to understand the mystery, the creation of the secret in the formula of this attempt, the attempt to understand, etc., have been researched for a long time. On the other hand, there has been an interest in literary creators and the continuous history of creation, judging the impact of previous writers, environmental impact, judging importance in terms of history, etc.

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Moreover, these interests also include the analysis of the life of the writer in literary sources. Attempts to rescue lost literary and literary material of the past, discussion about future trends, comparative discussion of literature and literary in spatial judgment, comparative judgment of the movement and nature of literary consciousness, comparative judgment of literary theory etc. are also one of the subjects of literary research. There is a comparison of other arts with literature. Judging literature in terms of culture is also nothing new. In the collaboration of individuals and organizations with a special mentality, the research reaches a specific goal by crossing several levels in the proximity of objects and ideas.

In fact, any research is an asset to mankind. The decisions which are subsequently made will move the human race forward on the path of new decisions as a step. Mortals will thus serve mankind through research.

The author presents the ideas and data analysis of literary research in his book Sahitya Gabeshana Paddhati O Prayog (Literary Research Methodology and Application). We hope that this book will be of great help to literary researchers in literature research and publication. So the pdf file of this book is provided on this web page. Readers and researchers can collect the PDF file of the book from this web page and read it online.

Sahitya Gabeshana Paddhati O Prayog (Literary Research Methodology and Application) PDF file.

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