Ashapurna Devi Rachana Sangraha Bengali Novel

Ashapurna Devi Rachana Sangraha Bengali Novel by Ashapurna Devi 

Book name – Ashapurna Devi Rachana Sangraha Novel
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The five famous story in this Ashapurna Devi Rachana Sangraha Novel which are Harano Khata, Jiban Swaad, Jog-Biyog, Poysa Diye Kena and Shukti Sagar.

Ashapurna Devi was a prominent Bengali novelist and poet of India. She has won many awards and prizes. In 1976, he received the Jnanpith award from the Government of India and was awarded the Padma Shri. He was honored by the University of Jabbalpur, Rabindranath Tagore, Burdwan and Jadavpur. Visva-Bharati University honored him with Desikottam in 1989. For his contribution as a novelist and short story writer, he received the highest honor Sahitya Akademi Fellowship from Sahitya Akademi in 1994.

The birth centenary of Ashapurna Devi has brought a tide of literature in the readership and in the world of publishing. This tide has inspired the writer, the attempt to know anew, the passion to evaluate her writings in the hopeful goddess literature as if a rich mineral wealth is arranged in the light of another vision.

The hopeful goddess had a completely different feeling about composing short stories. He has a weakness in the corner of his mind. While publishing his best-selling short story, he made some statements in this regard which are especially noteworthy. “I’ve been writing for over 50 years, and I’m still writing almost non-stop. So, there’s no way to exclude all the other writings, not to mention the number of short stories that have become innumerable” – Ashapurna Devi.

The Favorite Story piece that was published with her 50 short stories on the birth centenary of Ashapurna Devi is truly unique. The stories are not selected in chronological order, but one thing that must be mentioned is that the story Patni O Preyoshi is the first adult story of Ashapurna Devi which was published in the autumn issue in 1938. AgniPariksha short story,

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Ashapurna Debi was a housewife. The long 50 years of his pen are also flowing. In that gust of wind and force, the society has lost a lot of fun and the social mentality has changed. Eternal values ​​have changed. Again, in the air, the writer’s pen and language change, the form, the method of application, above all, the attitude changes. Through the perfect power of will she realized a significant place in creative literature. One of the most versatile creative geniuses in Bengali literature, she started writing, among which he published 242 novels and 37 collections of short stories and 62 books for children. She has written more than 3000 short stories.

At the beginning of her writing life, Ashapurna Devi wrote only for teenagers, Chhoto Thakurdar Kashi Yatra, Gora Jay Varanasi. The first printed edition was published in 1938 then more shots entered his literary life.
In 1936, she first wrote a story for adults called Patni O Preyoshi which was published in the Pooja issue of Anandabazar. Her first novel was Prem O Prayojan published in 1944. Subarnolata in 1967 and Bakulkatha was published on 1974.

It is not possible to discuss many of her stories here, but it is safe to say that each one is like a shining gem, which is bound to win the heart of the reader. Although the stories may seem to the reader a little ruthless, a little rough in the intensity of the harsh truth.
The author Ashapurna Devi was an ordinary woman with a house bound. But the wanderings of her pen spread beyond the boundaries of this house to the world, as a result of which she received many honors and medals given by the Government of India.

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Ashapurna Devi Rachana Sangraha.

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