Sarat Rachanabali Hindi Edited by Dr. Sushil Tribedi PDF

Sarat Rachnabali Hindi Part 3 Edited by Dr. Sushil Tribedi.

Book – Sarat Rachnabali, (शरत रचनाबली भाग – 3)
Language- Hindi,
Format- PDF,
Size- 88 MB,

Sarat Rachanabali (Hindi) edited by Dr. Sushil Tribedi

Sarat Rachanabali Hindi Ed. Part 3 by Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay. edited by Sushil Tribedi. The Devdas, Chutkara (Nishkriti in the original Bengali language) and Charitrahin are the three novels associated with this publication.
Shri Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay was a great writer of Bengali language whose literary language has soon become all over India. Hindi and other Indian languages ​​began to gain popularity in the region as much as he gained prestige and farming in Bengal since his lifetime.
Even today, 144 years after his demise, translations of his works are available in all the prestigious Indian languages, and the world is getting them in other major languages.
Sarat Chandra was born on September 15, 1876 in Devanandpur, a small village in Hooghly district of Bengal. His father Shri Motilal was a literary enthusiast, but he was more imaginative than literary. Sarat Chandra like as his father.

His some most popular works below.


It has also been made into a successful film on all the novels and stories of Sarat which is mainly in Bangla language. Successful films have also been made on his novels in Hindi. Doordarshan serials based on his novels were also made in which the characterless is complete and Srikanta is incomplete. A film is also being prepared in Bangla language based on his story.

Therefore, the fame of all medium Sarat writers has spread. All his novels, plays and stories are being published in Sarat Rachnabali. In the original Bangla, their order is kept according to the years of publication in book form. This work could not be followed only in the stories. The original Bangla name of the book and the year of publication are being given at the beginning of each novel.

The rest of the readers should enjoy the time according to the conditions of the composition period. It includes Devdas, Charitrahin and Chutkara in Hindi (Nishkriti in the original Bengali language).

Readers can read and collect this book pdf file from this page.

Sarat Rachanabali Hindi

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