Nimai Bhattacharya Top 20 Bengali Novel ebook PDF

Top 20 Bengali Novel of Nimai Bhattacharya ebook pdf.

Book – Top 20 Novel,
Author – Nimai Bhattacharya,

Top Bengali Novel of Nimai Bhattacharya ebook pdf

The Popular Novel ebook pdf of the renowned novelist, Nimai Bhattacharya.

The renowned novelist, Nimai Bhattacharya of Bangla Literature was born in Kolkata on April 10, 1931. His original residence was then the Magura subdivision of Jasore district in the village of Sarasuna under Shalikha Police Station. His father’s name is Surendra Nath Bhattacharya. He was married to the famous businessman daughter Bhattacharya of Kalitala of Bogura district of Bangladesh. He used to live at the Road of Tallygunj in Kolkata.

He traveled in search of livelihood, as well as Asia Africa, Europe, America, rural and urban cities. Those who love him, have been dealing with laughter, love and affection. Suddenly one day the story, novel began to write on their words.

Nimai Bhattacharya became loyal to the literary thinking and practice of his life. In 1963, a novel written by him was first published in the weekly Amrita Bazar Patrika in Calcutta, and gained wide praise from literary lovers. Subsequently, the four-story novels in the capital, Napoleon, reporter, VIP and Parliament street were published in that newspaper. From then onwards, along with journalism, Nimai Bhattacharya started writing many more novels in full swing.

Mem Sahib, Minibus, Matal, Inqilab, Emon Kalyan, Prabesh Nishedh, Clerk, Via Dalhousie, Hawker’s Corner, Rajdhani Express, Anglo-Indian, Darling, Madam, Gudhulia, Akash Bhara Surya Tara, Mughal Sarai Junction, Yoon Honor, Cocktail, Anurodher Ashor, Yuvaan Nikunje, Sesh Paranir Kari, the Harekrishna Jewelers, and Pather Seshe are particularly noteworthy.

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The novels written by Nimai Bhattacharya have blown up on subject diversity. In some novels he has shown the ugly image of the elite society hiding in the heart of the capital. Somewhere the story of the life of happiness and sorrow in the lower level is illustrated.

In his writings, there is nowhere to protest and protest against injustice. In many novels, the celebration of golden pleasure day is noticeable. His written novels are rich and pleasant.

The most popular novels book of Nimai Bhattacharya given here under this page as ebook pdf file. These book are Akash Bhara SurjaTara, Album, Checkpost, Eman Kalyan, Godhuliya, Kerani, Marriage Register, Mogalsarai Janshan, Panchti Romantic, Piyasa, Prabesh Nishedh, Premer Galpa, Rag Ashabari, Ranga Boudi, Rudrani, Surjodaya, Swarthapar, Tomake, Urbashi and Wing Commander.

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