Nirbachita by Premendra Mitra Short Stories Collection

Nirbachita Selected Short Stories Collection by Premendra Mitra.

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Nirbachita Selected Short Stories Collection by Premendra Mitra

Nirbachita (Choto Galper Sankalan) by Premendra Mitra.

Premendra Mitra was a renowned Bengali Author, Novelist, film director, thrillers and story writer. He is one of the most famous traders of science fiction in own article by Bengali language. He was born 1904 in Varanasi and died on 3rd May,1988 in Kolkata. He wrote lots of Novels, essays, Science fictions, Ghost stories, Fun stories, Characters, Teenager stories, Short stories, Child stories and Poems. His first published work was Shudhu Keranee in March 1924 in popular bengali journal Probasi. and his popular story Gopon Charini in second published in this journal. Readers you can get some unpublished poems and translated poems from the Premendra Mitrer Shreshtha Kabita.

His first Poetry Book Prathama was published in 1932. Revolutionary cognitive and Humanity is the main feature of his poetry.The three books of his short story Panchasar, Benami Bandar and Putul O Pratima were published in his early life. Premendra Mitra was unique in his autobiography, expressing the broken relationships of human, the complexity of mind, the pain of middle-class and pain & suffering of low-incomers.

He gets lot of awards are Rabindra puraskar, Sahitya Academy Award, Shishu Sahitya puraskar, Ananda puraskar, Nehru Award, D Lit from Bardwan University in 1981, Vidya sagar Puraskar, Deshokottam from Visya Varati on 1988, Padmashree etc.. ‘Ghanada’ is a most popular fiction character in Bangla literature which was created this character by Premendra Mitra on 1945.

His popular bengali books are Agamikaal, Asanglagna, Bandhab, Bangla Galpa Bichitra,Bannhi Basar, Barsh Raat, Bhabikaal, Bhanumatir Bagh, Brishti Elo,Prathama Poetry Book , Premendra Mitrer Nana Range Bona, Premendra Mitrer Shreshtha Kabita, Purabi, Salankara, Stabdha Prahar and Tel Deben Ghanada etc..

The short story book Nirbachita (Selected Short Stories Collection) contents with 27 short stories.

Nirbachita Selected Short Stories Collection by Premendra

Popular Bengali Nirbachita Choto Galper Sankalan.


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