Chalantika Adhunik Bongavashar Obhidhan by Rajshekhar Basu

Chalantika Adhunik Bongavashar Obhidhan by Rajshekhar Basu PDF.

Name of the book – Chalantika Dictionary of Modern Bengali.
Author – Rajshekhar Basu,
Number of pages in the book – 680,
Language – Bengali,
The format of the book – PDF,
Category – Bengali Literature,
The size of the book – twenty one MB,

Rajshekhar Basu was written the book Chalantika Adhunik Bongavashar Obhidhan.

The book Chalantika Adhunik Bongavashar Obhidhan (Chalantika Dictionary of Modern Bengali) was written by Rajshekhar Basu. This text contains statements of about 30,000 Sanskrit Sanskrit, native and foreign words. There is a need for a small dictionary of Bengali language which can be easily manipulated but can be used fairly well. The main objective of this campaign is to achieve the need of those who practice modern Bengali literature mainly with the help of dictionary. For those who do not have Bengali as their mother tongue but are not well acquainted with the modern vernacular, every effort has been made to make this dictionary suitable for them.

Word Selection – There are about 30,000 words in this moving dictionary text. In modern Bengali literature the predominant word has been given precedence and the less common word has been omitted as much as possible to make proper placement of all these words.

Most of the common language words in literature can be found in this dictionary. However, it is important to remember that common and spoken words are not the same everywhere. The colloquial language is the equivalent of the Sadhu language ‌ the written or literary language. That is why the form of the common word is becoming more and more precise. But there must be provincial distortions in the word of mouth. ‘Really’, ‘New’ etc. have found a place in the vernacular, that is, literature, but ‘Abishyi’, ‘Bishti’, ‘Rattir’ have not gone that far yet. There are many such words in Bangla which are in common use but they have not yet reached the lexical place.

Terminology applicable to general literature can be found in this campaign. A comprehensive list of relatively obsolete and newly compiled technical terms is given in this text. English verbs are very rare, so it is possible to show all forms of verbs in a dictionary or to indicate them by formula. But there are many forms of Bengali verbs. The same verb has a saintly and common form. On it there are masculine, verbal, guru-slight-trivial application, various variations of tense, permission, private application, participle form, etc. Usually the same form of Bengali verb is given in the dictionary, such as do, eat. The dictionary is incomplete without the instructions of all the groups, but it is impossible to show each one individually. It is useless to quote on grammar because there is no grammar so that all Bengali clear rooks are known. Stay away from foreigners. Doubts appear in many places of Bengali writers.

Some other Golden Book of Rajshekhar Basu

Some of the topics in the extensive appendix at the end of this dictionary are part of the dictionary. Inserted separately for convenience only. The purpose of these variants is to resolve the doubts and errors of the general writer or reader about the spelling and application of words. The terminology given in the appendix is ​​quoted from the arithmetic of psychology etc. from the collection of Kangs Calcutta University. Excerpts from the Government of West Bengal compilation. Professor Durgamohan Bhattacharya, Professor Anandamohan Tarkatirtha and Bholanath Ghosh have contributed immensely to the compilation of this dictionary. Author RajShekhar Basu in his book has beautifully highlighted the customs of Bengali words and tried to analyze as much as possible. There is no doubt that this book will be considered as an invaluable book by those who study Bengali literature and Bengali subjects. Already this book is considered as an invaluable book by many Bengali writers, writers and researchers in the country and abroad. Therefore, for the benefit of readers, students, writers, literary and researchers, the PDF file of this book is given on this web page. All of the above personalities can collect the PDF file of this book from this web page and read it online.

Chalantika Adhunik Bongavashar Obhidhan Book PDF File.

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