Parashuram Galpasamagra by Rajshekhar Basu ebook PDF

Parashuram Galpasamagra by Rajshekhar Basu PDF. 

Book name – Parashuram Galpasamagra,
Author – Rajshekhar Basu,
Compiler by Dipankar Basu,
Book format – PDF,
Book size – 32 MB,

Parashuram Galpasamagra written by Rajshekhar Basu PDF.

Parashuram Galpasamagra is written by Rajshekhar Basu and edited by Dipankar Basu.
Parashuram came to kill people in those ancient times. In our time Parashuram had no such serious motive. He made people laugh. Whether this is the nature of laughter can be judged later, but for the time being it can be said indiscriminately that Parashuram has written the story of laughter. Although there are other elements in those stories, laughter is the main element. There are many people who think that laughter will be happy only when the writer of a comedy story is happy, but in reality it can be seen that all those who have written humorous essays are people of serious nature. Writers Trailokyanath, Prabhat Kumar, Parashuram all had serious nature. Again, it is believed that the ancient writers, including Mukundaram and Bharat Chandra, were of a serious nature, because they both lived a miserable life. It is a wonder how they have saved so many smiles in the midst of so much sorrow. How does the oak tree protect the fire inside you? Deenbandhu Mitra is an exception.
Deenbandhu was our favorite philosopher, again there is reason to doubt whether he was an exception, as it is possible that he possessed two opposite personalities at the same time. One is a social person, the other is a writer. Yet neither can be admitted, he is the exception.

Rajshekhar Basu was born in Baman Para village near Shaktigarh in Burdwan district. He was born in May 1833. The father was Chandra Shekhar Basu. Chandrasekhar Bose had to stay out of Bengal most of the time to work, so he had to spend time outside Bengal with Raj Shekhar Bose’s father. For the first seven years, he passed the entrance examination at Kata and Dwarbhangar Raj School in Khargpur, Munger district. He then studied fast arts at Patna College from 1895 to 1897 In 1897, Raj Shekhar Bose graduated from Patna College and came to Calcutta to study BA. He was admitted to the Science Branch of Presidency College. In 1899 he passed the BA examination with second class honors in Chemistry and Physics. One year later, in 1900, he passed the MA examination in Chemistry. His contacts with Dwarbhanga continued during his stay in Patna and Calcutta. Two years after passing his M.Sc., he completed his law studies and passed the BL examination. But he did not engage in the legal business. In 1903, he was promoted to the post of Chemical Works, Bengal Chemical Works. At that time Bengal Chemical had its head office on Circular Road. After working for a while, he became the manager of the company and in 1906, he took over the overall authority of Bengal Chemical. By 1932, the Swadeshi organization had made great strides and retired. Rajshekhar Basu’s books, known by his two names, Rajshekhar Basu and Parashuram. He has maintained the uniqueness of these two names from beginning to end. It is doubtful whether any other writers have been able to keep it.

There are some stories of Parashuram which are deeply Manisha-born. All these stories carry the identity of courage about the future of the human race, the state of society, the mystery of death, the consequences of greed and unrest all over the world. There is no indirect connection with laughter. But since Parashuram’s work is a kind of national duty to laugh at the reader.
Such as the story of Gamanush nation, Atalbabu’s last thought, Bhim Gita, Manglik, ‘Kashinath’s reincarnation’, Satyasaddha Binayak, Nirmok dance, Kardam Meghla etc. Raj Shekhar Basu’s story ‘Sri Sri Siddheswari Limited’ was published in 1922. This story caused a stir among the Bengali readers.

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PDF file of the book Parashuram Galpasamagra.

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