Anandamela 5 January 2016 Special Story Edition PDF

Anandamela 5 January 2016 Special Story Edition PDF.

Magazine name – Anandamela 5 January 2016,
Issue – 5th January, 2016,
Format – PDF,
size – 20 MB,
Pages – 139,
PDF quality – Excellent,

Anandamela 5th January 2016 Special Story Edition

Anandamela 5 January 2016 Special Story Edition in PDF.

Anandamela is the most popular children’s fortnightly magazine in Bengali language. This issue covers everything from sports, science, stories, comics and adventure to astronomy.

Magazine Review:

Readers read the Anandamela 5 January 2016 Special Story Edition Bengali Magazine as PDF. The Anandamela Bengali Patrika has been published from Kolkata and this fortnight edition editor is Anandabazar publication. This magazine has been published as Bengali language. You can look here the Sports to science, story to comics, Adventures to Astronomy this book has it all.

Which Bengali fortnightly magazine is most popular for children?

The second half of the 20th century saw the emergence of a number of notable journals, among which the names of Avinaba Agrani Shishu Mela, Anandamela, Kishore Bharti, Kishore Gyan-Vigyan etc. are particularly memorable. Anandamela magazine is the most popular fortnight Child Magazine in India.

Among them, the prominent writers of the time have also come forward to write literature for children and teenagers with the initiative of several magazines. Among them, Sunil Gangopadhyay, Sakthi Chattopadhyay, Shirshendu Mukhopadhyay, Sanjib Chattopadhyay and others have destroyed themselves around Anandamela magazine.

In each issue they wrote different works for children and teenagers. Hence Anandamela Patrika became very popular among children and teenagers and continues to be very popular even today.

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This popular children’s magazine was published in April 1975 from Calcutta. Anandamela Patrika is a fortnightly edition published by Anandabazar Publications.

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Anandamela 5 January 2016 Special Story Edition.

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