Anandamela March 2020 Special Issue Child Magazine in PDF

Anandamela March 2020 Special Issue Child Magazine in PDF.

Anandamela Special Issue of March 2020
Page- 185
Format PDF
Published on March 2020.

Anandamela is a special issue of March 2020

Anandamela is a famous children’s literary Bengali Magazine in India. This magazine publishes beautiful stories and novels by renowned writers and poets every month for Children and Young Generation.
This is a special issue of March 2020 published this year.
This special number includes three mind-blowing novels, a famous story, and the famous story of the film director Satyajit Ray’s complete Shanku Comics – Hypnogen.
Three novels have been written by Prochhet Gupta, Ankan Mitra and Dipankar Biswas and the writers have written eight stories in this special number, respectively: Smarjit Chakraborty, Sukanta Gangopadhyay, Indranil Sanyal, Rajesh Bose, Debashis Bandyopadhyay, Sandhya Biswas, Rajatshubhra Majumdar and SriJeet Das.
The special number is 45 years, 22 numbers.

Complete Shanku Comics 51-
The hypnogeny story is written by Shri Satyajit Roy, the director of the film, and Abhijit Chattopadhyay has done the film and screenplay.
The main context of this story of Shanku is one of the most decorated luxury palaces in Norway. The story of Alexander Craig, a cynical scientist with an enigmatic billionaire, and the brain collision of two other elusive scientists, are the story of this story. Now the favorite story of the acquaintance is the color of the cotton, in the new color, the new look.

One of the three most famous novels is Ruppurer Double Golmaal, written by Prachet Gupta.
Parts of the novel: –
Rooppur is a nice little town like the novel’s name. But there is still one village village thing. There they live in Gopape Nana Once he starts the story, it cannot be heard. So that’s when you start to hear the story. Refer to this special number.

Ankan Mitra has written this beautiful novel Rahasya Ratna
Parts of the story: –
Tiku was barely thinking of returning home with a ball-bat rolling in his face, when a shiny object from the sand rattled his eyes in the sunshine! See the rest of the magazine inside.

Dipankar Biswas has written the novel Mejo Dadar Narhari Bhadh.
In the story of this novel, the whole team along with Prof. Guru are going to the sheep jungle in a hollow zipper. Not everyone needs the Jeep. Mazda and Professor Guru want to showcase the team’s glory. Tom is a machine. Tom recognizes the smell of deer and the deer will show us. There are many exciting stories in this special issue of Anandamela Child Magazine which we must read.

Apart from that, there are eight stories in the gathering, which are Bandhu (Friends), Ghari Babu, Binayak Dourchhe, Hasantakal, Belka, Humayuner Kabach Rahasya, Other Ghost Story, Cursed Totem.
Besides, there are regular sections like My Quiz, Talent, My School, Farak Pao, Science Companion, Searches, As I Wish and many more.

Anandamela is a special issue of March 2020. The PDF file is given below on this page.

You can collect and read it from here.

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