Monotosh Sarkar Edited Best 20 Sera Premer Galpa Alberto Moravia

Monotosh Sarkar edited best 20 Sera Premer Galpa of Alberto Moravia.

Alberto Moravia Best 20 Love Story Edited By Monotosh Sarkar.

The best 20 stories written by renowned Italian novelist Alberto Moravia have been selected in this Sera Premer Galpa (Best Love Story) book.
He is a famous Italian literary and romantic poet. He has written many famous romance poems and stories, and some of his favorite romantic stories have been selected in this book. These stories are written in the English language, the origin of the story, ‘Raman Tales, from there to attempt to translate beautifully into Bengali. The translated book is called Sera Premer Galpa (Best Love Story). One of the best love stories by author Alberta Moravia, this book has a place in the book.

Not without saying a word about Alberta Moravia. Alberta Moravia was born in 1927. Alberto Moravia is his pseudonym. The real name is Alberta Pincherl. In adulthood, he suffered a considerable health problem. In fact, he was involved in his literary work day and night because of his lack of care for his body, and his knowledge in different languages ​​was as rich as that of the novelist Nabokov. Moravia also specialized in journalism as a journalist, once working in his home country and abroad. He was recognized as a writer in Moravia throughout Europe in 1929, with the release of the famous story, “Indifferent People”. Then he got directly involved with politics, which was when it started. At that time, many of his books were banned by fascists in the country.He was a president of PEN International, the worldwide association of writers on between 1959 and 1962

He had to hide himself until the British conquest in 1944, during which time he wrote Romer Ramoni (The Women of Rome) in 1947 and this was recognized as his greatest book. This famous book depicts the real story of the story of the life of one of the barangays, and the book gained huge popularity throughout the country and the prevalence of the book stirred everyone. He became known as a novelist in the creation of this unique literature.

In 1954, Moravia’s storybook was a unique literary collection that took a prominent place in the country at that time. In his stories the reader will find Moravia in a new way, and behind this newness lies the unpretentious and extravagant narration ability of all human beings, small and happy, the laughter and tears, where love works as an intimate person. Rome is the center of these stories, all of which are small people in Rome, whose place in society is not very high. He portrays those ordinary people in a very nave manner and the real picture is revealed. We can see this in many of his stories. Most of his romantic texts are written in the mouths of those ordinary people. Most of them are short stories. But in a lesser extent the procession of a different character. In all circumstances there is an odd form of love.

Finally, all that is to be said about translation is that the attempt has been made to ease the best of the translation, almost as much as the original texts have been directed towards writing in translation. Therefore, the name of this book has been given  Sera Premer Galpa (Best Love Story) in order to preserve the original or similar name. Gentle readers will judge how much success has been achieved.

Readers can read and collect the most romantic book as pdf from this page.

Best 20 Love Story

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