Shudhu Prem Romantic Story Poem Novel Edited By Nibedita Bandyopadhyay and Monotosh Sarkar

Shudhu Prem Romantic Story Poem Novel Edited By Nibedita Bandyopadhyay and Monotosh Sarkar
Book Name – Shudhu Prem
Book Format – PDF
Book Size – 12 MB

Shudhu Prem Romantic Articles of various Athors and poets are edited by Nibedita Bandyopadhyay and Monotosh Sarkar.

The current world economic situation, social disadvantage and political situation have all become united with love. Bringing a love story from a modern novel to a choreographer is not only difficult, it seems impossible. What we love about love is diminishing. There was a five-page article on the Encyclopedia, the first edition of Britannica. In the third decade of the present century, there is no separate essay on love. Whatever the reason, there is no doubt that our curiosity about love is diminishing.

In the modern Bengali novel, the role of the prefix is ​​not large. In a busy life, when is a long-minded time or where? The two are seen at work. Many places like restaurants, coffeehouses, colleges, bars, parks, Victoria, cinemas, etc., but nowadays, the movie is a little daunting with the crowds. During the holidays they are going out on a banquet party or just two of them board a boat to sail.

The target of this novel now is not just love, not love for the protagonist, but the next. The problem of preserving that love arises when the two suddenly discover that they have fallen in love with each other as they walk in the trivialities of everyday life. The novel began to write about those who could not transform love for financial or social reasons, who met intimately twice in love but did not recognize love in marriage; With those who break the marriage with the help of the law, the love of the mind is real I can not acknowledge them.

After a rapid change in the Bengali novel, the relationship with the body came more with love, not with mind, but with more controversy and doubt. Writers of the Kallol era came to the literary world in a strictly realistic setting. They found the Freudian doctrine as a tool for the elimination of romantic love. Freud found a new continent in the depths of humankind, which changed his view of life.

This is probably the most loved novel ever written in Bengali novels. In the past, love was one of the main themes of the novel, but there was the story of love. Psychological analysis came to an end with the plain love story. As if, after seeing the beautiful flower, the scientist heard the words of caution, saying, “Carefully, the flower looks beautiful, but what is the secret of creation, the secret of creation, so be careful, think before calling the flower beautiful.”

For both political and economic reasons, women began to stand beside men outside their homes. The path of simple education and association made things a little easier, the freedom of the upper class modern society was much greater. The new thinking about love problems began to emerge. Dilip Kumar Roy raised the question, whether integrity in love is essential? Can’t both be loved with equal sincerity at the same time? Does multilingual love represent the heart’s riches or riches? The question is the question It was not the society’s responsibility to answer. What did the author give?

With this free-love, he started experimenting with various writers and started writing. To this day, old things in this country do not sound live-together in the ears anymore. The content of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay’s Shesh Prashna (Last Question) and Rabindranath Tagore’s Sheser Kobita (Last Poem) is unconditional love. Although they placed love above the senses. Bohemian love ideals are written on the one hand as the puppet dance, on the other, beloved girlfriend, day-night poem, lodging house, Rajni Halo Uttala, the other society of love who do not believe in the name Sai, the lovers and lovers of these novels. The main thing but love is to try to analyze organic hunger with psycho-physical consciousness.

This additional analysis changed the trend of today’s society, the world of modern novels. The mystery that surrounds love, science has torn down the fog, and the rest have gone to work in the workplace to emphasize the need for the economy. Not only that, women are joining the larger workplace to clarify their roles. Love is not a problem in this environment. It is not difficult to meet, talk, and do nothing. Friendship can happen to everyone. A coworker is not a lover. Not a classmate’s lover. There is no need to seek the resemblance of the mind to the one with whom the political ideology is.

Shankar saw Pabli as a reader of the college library. When it was nice to meet again, Pabli came forward and spoke simply. In the end, no one was shocked that Shankar was not married to Pabli. Shankar simply said that if you do not nominate me in your marriage? A clear idea of ​​how love, love system, love are changing in our life can be found in the simple and relaxed association of Bappa Majumdar and Jhumjhum, along with the dilemmas of Anupam and Anjali two years ago.

It cannot be said that life will fail even if their love fails. Now love is not just a whole life, but only one aspect of life. Lovers and lovers hope to fulfill life with what one does not receive.

In a variety of backgrounds, novels written about various honest characters have become a vivid laboratory. This concept developed at least in the then Bangla novels. At this time Banganari was not completely a housewife. The sound of a little bangle, what song book, what color of the colored ring of gold did not stir the youth. No one is sitting in the customary research of the handkerchiefs or the papyri of the handkerchiefs.

Maybe after a while these things will get old. Society is changing. The nature of the problem is changing. People’s minds are changing. The old table is broken. What new circle is being developed? A little leisure to take the feeling? Or is sex and libido the end of human life? Will there be no mystery in love for him to be banished from literature? I do not know what will happen in the not too distant future, but now I do not think love is about to depart from the world of Bengali novels. People like to love, love were always there among us, hopefully still.

This beautiful romantic story book titled Shudhu Prem (Only Love) has been edited by the authors Papari Bandyopadhyay and Monotosh Sarkar.
This book is composed of the works of many eminent writers and Poets. So we must read this library. In this book, hair analysis is done on the thoughts and feelings of lovers and lovers.

The link to the PDF file of the edited book is given below. You can read and collect the book from here.

Shudhu Prem PDF

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