Bangla Upanyaser Dhara by Achyut Goswami PDF

Bangla Upanyaser Dhara by Achyut Goswami Bengali PDF. 

Book – Bangla Upanyaser Dhara,
Author – Achyut Goswami,
Genre – Bengali Novel Book,
Book Pages – 414,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 15 MB,

Bangla Upanyaser Dhara by Achyut Goswami

Achyuta Goswami wrote the novel Bangla Upanyaser Dhara.

Literature speaks of life, literature speaks of society, literature confronts us with the truth of life and sociology. We realize the significance of life and social reality. Through literature we enter a pure bliss, a bliss created by truth, beauty, happiness and goodness.

Literature certainly has a responsibility towards life, towards society. That is why historians and literary scholars say art for life. About 300 years have passed since the origin of the novel in world literature. In terms of popularity, the novel is still the most popular form of literature. The main livelihood of literature is human life and human society.

But sometimes it is caught in poems, sometimes in novels, sometimes in essays, sometimes in short stories. Each form of literature has its own characteristics, certain principles and conventions, due to which one medium differs from another. The novel has some distinctive characteristics.

What is meant by the material and structure of the novel?

The novel is indeed narrative, its vehicle being prose. The novel moves and develops in the logical order of the prose. Human life is actually an accumulation of many varied experiences. In life, happiness-sorrow, joy-pain, success-failure, success-failure, love-hate etc. all these opposite actions and reactions go hand in hand.

As sorrow is on the opposite side of happiness, pain is on the side of joy. Since a novelist wants to record the entire life of a person in his work, he has to achieve a complete understanding of life. But life is complex and subtle, and even more subtle and nuanced is the human mind. So the novelist has to experience the externalities and internalities of human life, as he travels into the depths of the human mind.

What are the main elements of the novel?

Writer Achyut Goswami has highlighted various aspects of Bengali novels in his book ‘Bangla Novel’. In particular, the environment created by the combination of economic conditions, social and political thinking, foreign influence, traditional influence etc. of a particular country, determines the speed and nature of the literature of that country. The author mentions the above incessantly in his book.

The author has mainly written the book following the historical method. For the sake of discussion and convenience he divides the entire period into several historical stages. and assumed the environment to be roughly unchanged within the time frame of each phase. If we want to classify novels, roughly four types of novels are caught before our eyes. Such as social novels, historical novels, mythological novels and regional novels. Many others also say poetic novels and detective novels.

What kind of novel Rajarshi of Rabindranath Tagore?

The author has written this book based on the method of historical novel. A novel written with a character or event from the vast world of history is called a historical novel. Without distorting the truth of history, the novelist writes a historical novel out of the desire to discover a new meaning in it. However, it is not always possible for the writer to use the material of history precisely.

Analyzing the nature of history, the author mixes the color of imagination with it. History is not distorted but acquires new significance creating an opportunity for the reader to reevaluate conventional history. Rabindranath Tagore’s Rajarshi and Bou Thakuranir Hat, Ramesh Chandra’s Jeevan Prabhat and Jeevan Sandhya, Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay‘s Durgeshnandini, Raj Singha and Chandrasekhar are particularly known as historians.

Who wrote the historian novel Durgeshnandini?

Another method adopted by the author in writing this book is expository. Author Achyuta Goswami’s main aim is to present the characteristics of a writer’s genius and the profound significance of his literary work. Although he says that it is not possible for him to achieve sufficient success in this difficult task.

He avoided as much as possible the unpleasant duty of criticism and judgment. Because the work is not only unpleasant, he doubts whether there are any reliable universal standards of judgment.

What type of novel Krishnakanter Will of Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay?

Explained the dynamic nature of literature. The content and form of the novel are not two separate entities. If the content is to be expressed, it will take some form and the content has no independent existence outside of that form. This book is written for the readers of all levels and even for the inexperienced readers, especially the students, so we believe that this book will be of special use to students.

So for the readers, enthusiastic students the pdf file of the book ‘Bangla Novels Dhara’ is provided on this web page. Readers can collect the PDF file of the book from this web page and read it online.

Bangla Upanyaser Dhara PDF file.

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