Galpasangraha – Vol II Novel by Pratibha Basu

Galpasangraha – Volume II Novel by Pratibha Basu.

Book- Galpasangraha – Vol II,
Book – Bengali Novel,
Format- PDF,
Book Size- 18 MB.

Writer Pratibha Basu has written Galpasangraha – the second volume of the Novel.

Talented writer Pratibha Basu has written the second volume of Galpasangraha, a collection of 18 stories. Below are the names of the stories in the book.

Pratibhu, Bhalobasar Janma (Birth of Love), Ghas Mati (Grass Soil), Bikelbela (Afternoon), Swarger Shes Dhap (The Last Step of Canto), Rupantar (Transformation), Khandakavya,Bichitra Hridoy (Bizarre Heart), AntaHeen (Endless), Swami-Stree (Husband-Wife), Stisoner Mishti Ful (Sweet Flower of Station), Seidin Sakale (That Day Morning), Gunijanochit, Utsa (Source), Shabdabrahma, Nikhad Sona (Pure Gold) and Ayna (Mirror). Author Pratibha Basu has written most of the book in a combination of various real-life images of human life, so Bengali readers have become captivated in each case.

Pratibha Basu was born in a village not far from Dhaka city. As a result, she had a thorough knowledge of the real problems and meditative concepts of the various problems and problematic life of the people in his village life and in many cases he himself has encountered and realized them. In terms of that experience, she has beautifully told the story of his experience in many stories.


In her various books, he has portrayed the citizens of the country under British rule at that time and the various immoral and oppressive, characterless, disgusting activities of that British rule. The story of how the British oppressed the citizens of India, the women, is beautifully analyzed in her story.

Pratibha Basu has a unique role in Bengali literature and has been enlightened in the light of Bengali literature. She has written many Bengali short story essays and novels. She was a popular poet of Bengali literature and he was also known as a singer. Poet Nazrul Islam, world poet Rabindranath Tagore listened to the song in her throat, praised her voice and taught his own song.


She was born in a village near Dhaka city in present day Bangladesh. Her father’s name was Ashutosh Shome and his mother was Saryubala Shome. She was married to Bengali writer Shri Buddhadev Bose. Before Pratibha Basu’s marriage, her name was Ranu Shome. Writer Pratibha Basu’s only son who died at the age of 42.

Pratibha Basu has shed light on various aspects of animals in the world of Bengali literature and she was known as an animal lover. She used to take care of animals whenever she had time. And she would take care of those who were infected by birds, especially those who were infected with rabies.

Writer Smt. Pratibha Basu has written about two hundred books in Bengali including novels, short stories, essays, delightful compositions, stories and poems and most of them have been illuminated in the light of Bengali literature which is very popular among the readers of Bengal. Her first novel, Monolina, was first published in 1940. A few of his novels have been made into movies and all have been commercially successful. At that time there was a competition among the publishers for the publication of her book. Publishers start fighting among themselves over who will publish her book. Tin Taranga Bengali Novel is most favorite in Bengali readers of universe

Pratibha Basu received the Ananda Puraskar for her special contribution to Bengali language and literature and was awarded the Bhubanmohini Gold Medal from Calcutta University. In this book of the second volume of the story collection, she has evoked some images of love and social life in Bengal through her story writing.

So we hope that this novel will be well received by the readers and for that purpose a PDF file of this book has been provided on this web page. You can easily collect the book from this page as a PDF file for reading.


PDF file of the Galpasangraha-Vol II.

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