Tin Taranga Bengali Novel by Pratibha Basu PDF

Tin Taranga Bengali Novel by Pratibha Basu Bengali PDF.

Book Format – PDF,
Language – Bengali,
Book pages – 270,
Book Size – 6 MB.

Tin-Taranga (Three-wave) Bengali Novel by Pratibha Basu.

The Tin-Taranga (three-wave) novel basically depicts the real picture of social life on the social and cultural aspects of Bengal and this novel caused a stir among the readers of Bengal at that time and was widely discussed.

Mrs. Pratibha Basu has a unique role in Bengali literature and has been enlightened in the light of Bengali literature. She has written many Bengali short story essays and novels. She was a popular poet of Bengali literature and he was also known as a singer. Poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, world poet Rabindranath Tagore listened to the song in her throat, praised her voice and taught his own song.
She was born in a village near Dhaka city in present day Bangladesh. Her father’s name was Ashutosh Shome and her mother was Saryubala Shome.

Writer Pratibha Basu’s only son who died at the age of 42. Before Pratibha Basu’s marriage, her name was Ranu Shome. She was married to Bengali writer Shri Buddhadeb Bose.
Pratibha Basu has shed light on various aspects of animals in the world of Bengali literature and she was known as an animal lover. She used to take care of animals whenever she had time. And he would take care of those who were infected by birds, especially those who were infected with rabies.

The author Smt. Pratibha Basu has written about two hundred books in Bengali including novels, short stories, essays, delightful compositions, stories and poems and most of them have been illuminated in the light of Bengali literature which is very popular among the readers of Bengal. His first novel, Monolina, was first published in 1940. A few of his novels have been made into movies and all have been commercially successful. At that time there was a competition among publishers for the publication of his book. The publishers start fighting among themselves over who will publish his book.
Pratibha Basu received the Ananda Puraskar for her special contribution to Bengali language and literature and was awarded the Bhubanmohini Gold Medal from Calcutta University.

Tin-Taranga (Three-wave) novel: The novel Tin-Taranga was first published in July, 1956 (Bengali 1363 in Shravan) from Calcutta. He dedicated this book to Mrs. Kumar Dutt, his long and unbreakable friend of twenty years. He has divided the eighteen wave novel into three parts and each section is named as first wave second wave and last part is called third wave.

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Tin-Taranga novel PDF file.

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