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Prabodh kumar Sanyal has written the novel Jharer Sanket.

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Author Prabodh kumar Sanyal wrote the Novel is Jharer Sanket.

The novel Jharer Sanket (Storm Signal) is written by author Shri Prabodh kumar Sanyal.
In this novel Jharer Sanket (Storm Signal), the story of a zamindar’s house and his son are discussed along with various stories of heavy storms and rains in Kalbaishakhi. I hope you enjoy reading this beautiful novel. The real picture has been highlighted. Suddenly a storm, in the middle of which a zamindar is coming, his son is standing for him at a railway station.
The zamindars’ only son, his name is Rajen, was startled to see his pomp, cigarettes in his hand, smoke coming out of his mouth, then he started saying that when he did not come on this train, his father would not come again. So there is no need to take the cigarette out of hand.
Suddenly it started to rain and he could not go home from the railway station, so he sat down on an empty bench next to him, just at that moment a young, beautiful, young man came and stood beside him.

When Rajen is approached by that young, beautiful woman, he is shocked.
— Do you recognize me?
— Suddenly he was shocked to see her talking like this, Rajen was shocked, but he did not understand it.
— Because he is the son of a zamindar, there can be no reason for him to be afraid, so he controlled himself and said, I don’t understand, I can’t remember at this moment. Who are you
The girl says I am Mrinmayi, you forgot us so soon.
Remember, our house was set on fire by your father.

Rajen, the son of the zamindar, asked, “Why was it burnt? Do you remember Mrinmayee?”
Mrinmayee says yes, my mother’s name was slandered.
The son of the zamindar says, was it just a rumor!
Mrinmayee says, when I grow up, I know that there was some truth.
It is a great pleasure for me to meet you immediately.
Rajen, the son of the zamindar, said, “I am also happy.” But whatever you say is not your fault, it is the fault of the guy Warren Hastings, who has only been a zamindari since his time. Where are you now?

Mrinmayee said, we live in Kalutola.
Can you go out in so many stormy rains, why did you go out alone in this disaster?
As Mrinmayee silently turned his face towards the railway line, the zamindar’s son looked at him at once.
Then he says, why are you standing, you can sit on the bench here.
Mrinmayee said with a smile, do the tenants dare to sit in one seat next to the zamindar?
Then after he sat on the bench.
The zamindar’s son Rajen asks him, why did this storm come out alone in the rain? Why is there no one with you?
Mrinmayee says, you would be happy if there was someone with me.
The zamindar’s son said, “I did not indicate anything, I was just saying, you could go home alone in this terrible disaster.”
Thus in the pouring rain the people from the platform slowly began to empty, the rainstorms continued unabated and the two of us sat in that solitude.
Suddenly Mrinmayee stood up and said, “Okay, you sit down, I’m going home now.”
Rich son says in amazement, what are you saying? No matter what you do, even if your clothes get wet, you will be in danger. You will not suddenly get wet in the rain and get sick! The rain will be a little lukewarm then?
Mrinmayee said, there is no way Rajenbabu I have to go quickly. Well, hello, saying this, Mrinmayi hurried out of there.
The zamindar’s son Rajen looks at him in surprise for a while and sits alone on the platform. After a while, he can no longer see Mrinmayee on the platform of the railway station.
This novel is based on such thrilling stories.
Writer Prabodh kumar Sanyal has beautifully evoked a variety of tastes from his novel Sign of the Storm. Readers will definitely get a new taste by reading this novel.
Author Prabodh Kumar Sanyal has many other novels, such as Krishna Jakhan Premik ‘The Land of the Goddess, Alo Aar Agun (Light and Fire), Ghum Bhangar Raat (Wake Up Night), Priya Bandhabi Dear Girlfriend etc. He has also written travel stories such as Mahaprasthaner Pathe,¬†Desh Desantar, Aranya path etc.
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