Kaler Kandari by Prafulla Roy ebook PDF

Kaler Kandari is written by Prafulla Roy ebook PDF

Book name – Kaler Kandari,
Book format – PDF,
Book size – 4 MB,

Author Prafulla Roy has written the novel Kaler Kandari.

The author Prafulla Roy has beautifully described this book which is adorned with descriptions of different places of Bankura. The historical Bankura Purulia Burdwan Hughli Medinipur district has various historical events of different places. The one whose name is found at the beginning of the history of Mallabhum is Maharaja Singh Barman, the great ruler of Puskar. History has been enriched by the rise and fall of many kingdoms since Sushuniya left the story of his kingdom on a rock under a huge burning wheel on one side of the hill. Abundance and emptiness are like two horses, white and black. A huge tree centered around Bishnupur spread its stalks and placed the district on the altar of soft shade.

In this novel, the author has presented some information based on the principle of real experience. Many foreign tourists have come to Bishnupur Bankura at different times and foreign tourists have written in different ways based on different experiences. Marco Polo wrote, I came to that country.
Most of the residents are merchants. Everyone is a believer and a devotee of Raj. They never lie for any reason. There is no other nation in the world as independent as these. They do not eat meat. Do not drink alcohol. Don’t be fond of strangers. Their lives are absolutely sacred.
Another French traveler wrote about the differences between Bishnupur and the empires established by the oppressive kings of the world. The basis of this kingdom is orderly and normal religion, which is like the kingdom of the eternal tyrants, the Buddha. It bursts and bursts. But there is no destruction of such a kingdom. For more than a thousand years, these Malla kings have ruled happily and peacefully. The royal story in this region is 694 AD. Introduction of Mollabad.

Adimalla Raghunath. Bir Hambir in 1587 AD. Gopal Singh was the last king of Chaitanya Singh in 1712 AD from 1748 to 1802 AD. Then all the catastrophic events of the East India Company started.

Author Prafulla Roy has beautifully portrayed some of the rich events of history in his novel Kandari of this period.
Emperor Ashoka conquered Kalinga in the third century BC. Many say that part of the wrestling was then included in Kalinga. In the fifth century, King Chandravarma of Malab invaded Mallabhumi. This information has been known by deciphering the Susuniya script.

In the seventh century, King Shashanka of Karnasuvarna conquered ‘Radha Desh’. At that time this wrestling ground was the area of ​​Radha. This was followed by the flow of such a great history not far from Jayarambati, the real embodiment of the kingdom of Adi Marle Kal. Influence of Vaishnavism These terrible Kshatriyas became truly educated and civilized. Water was the strongest weapon to defend the royal kingdom, which was not bloody in the war. There were seven dams here. The names of the dams are- Lal Dam, Krishna Dam, Shyam Dam, Jamuna Dam, Kalindi Dam, Gandan Dam, Poka Dam etc. It is as if a boat is moving in the water of another Vrindavan dam. Water sports. Surrounded by flower gardens. Irrigation is done and the enemy is distributed. The attackers inevitable salil samadhi in the technique of breaking the water of the dam. The kingdom spread peacefully for thousands of years. There are a couple of such examples in the course of history.

Readers will love this book Kaler Kandari based on this beautiful history rich analysis and for that purpose a PDF file of this book Kaler Kandari has been provided on our website page so that you can read and collect from this page.

Kaler Kandari PDF and collect some notable books of Prafully Roy

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