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Itihaser Pathe Prantare by Narayan Sanyal ebook pdf.

Book name- Itihaser Pathe Prantare.
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Itihaser Pathe Prantare is a beautiful poetical book containing historical events written by Bengali author Narayan Sanyal.
Narayan Sanyal was a prominent author of modern Bengali literature. He was living at Krishnanagar of the state of West Bengal. He graduated from Calcutta University and later passed on as a civil engineer. But he always had a great attachment to literature and wrote many books on that source. The traitor wrote his special reputable book. He was born on April 26, 1924 and died at age 80. He died on February 27, 2005.

Writer Narayan Sanyal has written the unforgettable novel Itihaser Pathe Prantare ‘On the way to history in the desert’.
Bankim chandra Chattopadhyay, the literary emperor of novels in the history of Bengali fiction. He wrote the first Bengali novel in simple language. Author Narayan Sanyal has beautifully analyzed the various stories in the novel Itihaser Pathe Prantare (On the way to history in the desert).
He has elaborated on Maurya, Gupta and Kalinga in this book.
He has written and published several historical novels with Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay as the author of history-based literature and detective stories.
The author has published this history-based novel and short story in two volumes, one of which is ‘Unforgettable’ and the other is ‘Indescribable’. In the first volume till the end of the Middle Ages and Sultanate period. And in the second volume discusses the pre-independence era from Mughal-e-Azam.
In this valuable book of the author, we see various stories in order to taste the juice of literature with pictures containing the events of history.
He has presented this fictional novel in several volumes.
In the first volume, he has beautifully analyzed the various characters of history. Then ‘historical juice in literature’.
In the second volume he discusses ‘Amrapali’.
In the third volume ‘Sutnuka Maurya Yuga’.
Anandasvarupini in the fourth part
In the fifth volume ‘Sutnuka Kalinga Yuga’.
Rawala in the sixth volume.
‘Nargis’ in the seventh volume.
In the eighth volume ‘Hamida Roopmati’.

His more books are
Ladli Begum.
Dashti Upanyas
Kanta Series

Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay is the author’s guru in writing historical literature. Of course he never saw her. Taser never spoke, but before he left the stage of Bengali literature, the author has published several historical novels.
As in the first novel ‘Rawal’ – ‘Sharadindu’s thought, language, style of humor, even in Jhind’s captive application-technique, the method of capturing foreign heroes and heroines in Hind is followed. Yet Guru Dronacharya was unaware of Eklavya’s private pursuits all his life. Even the Gurudakshina given in the conclusion of ‘Bishupala-badha’ is unknown to him.
Aranyadandaka has no place in Sonar Bangla. In fear of volume increase. Rupamanjari, the heroine of the author’s last historical novel, did not find a place in the two volumes of history-path-desert. Not just for size, so the story is still unfinished today.

Author Narayan Sanyal has beautifully presented in this book analytical discussions, historical and historical works of various poets and writers, starting from fiction and contemporary prose literature.
In the section ‘Historical juice in fiction’, different writers have discussed different doctrines. According to the poet Rabindranath Tagore, historical novels are born from historical juices.

Travel-History-Literature: The value of such books in the history of human civilization is immense. The diary of the traveler does not necessarily have the literary quality to inform the future about the contemporary history. Perhaps this national work has migrated from the time-traveling place of travel and has therefore been recorded. History may be neglected in some cases if the traveler does not have a point of view or if the historian does not have the expected inquisitiveness. For example, when he came to India, the sun of the Gupta age lived in the middle of the sky. Rajabari is not mentioned. Gupta culture is neglected in his writings. It can be assumed that some of the infinitely talented contemporaries were present in that city at that time. Such as Amar Singh, Brahmihir, Kalidas himself, Aryabhata – none of them in that travelogue. But various pictures of the life of contemporary Indians are skillfully drawn. Also a wonderful description of a sleepless night on the Chitrakuta mountain top of the palace.
Ramya-Bhraman-Sahitya (Geography + Literature): – Once again, the main aim of the narrator is to entertain the reader as he is on his way to move from the neglected place of history. There is no obligation that there should be a description of the happiness and sorrows of the common people in the history, culture and political consciousness of the country in which the character is portrayed. In this case too, the writer’s attitude or mentality can affect the composition. In the story of travel in the country and abroad, the context of the state revolution of Afghanistan is needed in the story. But revolutionary leaders or counter-revolutionary statesmen did not find the author. Excluding them, Khidmatgar Abdur Rahman was established at the center of the composition. What the author of ‘Purnakumbhe’ has seen with two eyes is repeatedly imprinting what she is seeing with both eyes closed.
Where is the geography in sight?

Science has given us speed, it has taken away our emotions – the writer rushed to the airport of Delhi. The rest are cocktails of different nations of the capital’s upper class society. It is timeless due to the grace of language. The same goes for ‘Ranjan’s winter neglect’. In order to verify the value of such romance-travel-literature, one has to remember Gurubakya.

History, Geography and Literature are all intertwined. Author Narayan Sanyal has given valuable informative discussions in his book, which will forever be written in golden letters like a bright photograph in Bengali literature.
The history of the rest of the story is already recorded. You must love to read this unknown historical book and express your valuable opinion by reading it.
The PDF file of this book is given below. You can read and collect this book Itihaser Pathe Prantare from this page.

Itihaser Pathe Prantare.

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