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Shankar Chattopadhyay wrote the novel Kamana Basana.

Book Name – Kamana Basana,
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Shankar Chattopadhyay is a famous writer of Bengali literature. The author’s father died at a very young age. As a result, Shankar became the clerk of Neol Burwell, the last British barrister in the Calcutta High Court, and also studied at Surendranath College, Calcutta. He worked in various fields as a typewriter, cleaner and private carpenter.
But what! The irony of fate !, that British barrister Neol Burwell died suddenly and at the same time his work was stopped. But he was the one who introduced the writer Shankar to literature. Writer Shankar Chattopadhyay tried to honor Burwell in the professional version of his name, which he adopted on behalf of the court of law, after the sudden death of Neol Burwell. He first wanted to make a statue, but that was not possible. Then he wanted to name a street but that was not possible. He then decided to write a book about her and wrote Jana-Ajana as his first novel about Barwali. During the same period in 1962, at a waterlogged crossing on Calcutta Central Avenue and Dalhousie, author Shankar wrote the novel Chowrangi on a rainy day.
Other stories and novels written by him.
Banglar Meye (Girl of Bengal), Mann Samman, Ekdin Hatat (One Day Suddenly), Sonar Prithibi (Golden World), Jano-Aranya (People-Forest), Desert, Samrat O Sundari (Emperor and Beauty), Chowrangi, Swarga-Marta-Patal (Heaven-Mortal-Underworld), Local News, Wealth, Golden Opportunity, Water in the Lotus, Value of Honor, Taste of Liberation, Jamini.

He has written some outstanding travel literature.
মানব সাগর তীরে, On the shores of the Sea of ​​Man,
এপার বাংলা ওপার বাংলা,
জানা দেশ অজানা কথা।

Writer Shankar Kamana Basana remembers the following quote from Sri Sri Ramakrishna while writing the novel and he wrote the following quote on the first page of his novel.
“The mind will know everything. Say knowledge and ignorance will say everything is the state of mind. Man is closed in mind and free in mind, righteous in mind and unrighteous in mind, sinful in mind and virtuous in mind” – Sri Sri Ramakrishna.

This year’s story is about famous industrialist Ghanshyam Ghoshal, rising industrial star Sanatan Sanyal and their friend Haradhan alias Hutco Haldar.
The name of this story could have been Bittavivrat. But according to Haradhan Babu, there is as much deviation from desire in this world. We need to say a lot in time about the beginning of Ghanshyam Ghoshals career and the second phase of Sanatan Sanyals varied life for the information of the readers. But if we don’t know the beginning of their life, we will not be able to understand the role of Hutco. No one would have imagined how dangerous this world would be if some people like Hutco did not judge in this world according to their own whims.
Don’t be unduly afraid or worried that the word hutko is coming first and that hutko has always been the triumph of Kamini-influenced saintly great men. We will not be deprived of the role of wife in the end of this story. Long before the story begins, every writer here knows that no story is captivating without Kaminis touch.
Therefore, among the Jadrel women who will appear in their own glory at different stages of this story are Bibhavati, Achala and Bibhavari etc. I would like to inform you in advance that these three women are extremely beautiful and some of them are especially lucky and virtuous. With the establishment of the family, their own beauty and the strength of their horoscopes, they have become destitute and incompetent. By the will of God, they have played an outstanding role in the progress of the two powerful men.
The authors novel Kamana Basana has received a great response in the minds of the society of Bengal at that time and the people of present Bengal and I hope the readers will enjoy reading this novel Kamana Basana.
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Kamana Basana

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