Nirjane Khela by Nihar Ranjan Gupta PDF

Nirjane Khela Bengali Novel by Nihar Ranjan Gupta PDF.

Book – Nirjane Khela,
Author – Nihar Ranjan Gupta,
Category- Bengali Novel,
Book Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 13 MB,
Book Pages – 364,

Nirjane Khela Wrote by Nihar Ranjan Gupta

Nihar Ranjan Gupta wrote the Bengali Popular novel Nirjane Khela PDF.

Author Nihar Ranjan Gupta has written the novel Nirjane Khela (Playing in solitude). Niharranjan Gupta was a popular mystery storyteller and famous physician in India. He gained a reputation as a unique author of Bengali literature. He will always be remembered by the readers of Bengal for his unique writings.

There are four beautiful stories in the Nirjane Khela (solitary play) novel:
Nirjane Khela (Play alone),
Nirjharer Gaan (Waterfall song),
Tinnir Rod ar Brishti,
Bijoyini (The winner).

Every story in this book is very beautiful. The reader community was greatly attracted to the publication. Writer Niharranjan Gupta became involved in literature at a very young age and his aspiration was to become a writer. We can read his biography and find out his childhood dream. That dream came true, it is proven today and we all know it. He went to meet Rabindranath Tagore at Santiniketan and he had a wish in his heart to go there and receive blessings from him, and that wish was fulfilled.

Author Nihar Ranjan Gupta wrote his first novel at the age of 18, which is ‘Rajkumar’. With the publication of the novel Rajkumar, the Bengali readership was greatly awakened. While abroad, in England, he met the famous writer Agatha Christie, and later became particularly interested in writing detective stories. Then, when he returned to the country, he wrote the first detective novel, Kalo Bhramar (The Black Bumblebee). With the publication of Kalo Bhramar, Bengali literature became agitated and he did not have to look back. He became very popular among the readers of Bengal. He then wrote several detective stories and attached Kiriti Roy to his detective character. His contribution to the writing of mystery stories in Bengali literature will always be remembered by the readers of Bengal. Not only did he finish his writing in Bengali, he also wrote story-novel mystery stories in Hindi and other languages.

Author Nihar Ranjan Gupta was born on 6 June 1911 in Jessore district of present day Bangladesh. He died of a heart attack in Calcutta on February 20, 1986. Author Nihar Ranjan Gupta has written more than two hundred novels. Adhar Pather Yatri Mysterious Novel is most famous into bengali readers and till now. His famous works are Kalankini Kankabati, Kalo Bhramar, Kalo Haat, Mayamriga, Kagajer Phul, Raater Gaari, Nishipadma, Madhumita, Mukhosh, Raater Rajnigandha, Bidrohi Bharat, Kishore Sahitya. His 45 novels have been filmed in Bengali and Hindi.

So the PDF file of the book Nirjane Khela by author Nihar Ranjan Gupta is given on this web page. Readers will be able to collect the PDF file of the book in solitude from this page and read it online.

Nirjane Khela PDF.

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