Dadathakur Rachna Samagra by Dada Thakur Bengali PDF

Dadathakur Rachna Samagra Biographical book Written by Dada Thakur PDF. 

Book – Dadathakur Rachna Samagra,
Author – Saratchandra Pandit (Dada Thakur),
Book Pages – 349,
Format – PDF,
PDF size – 11 MB,

Dadathakur Rachna Samagra by Dadathakur

Author Dada Thakur has written the biographical book Dadathakur Rachna Samagra.

Saratchandra Pandit was known as Dada Thakur. He was a well-known composer of humorous rhymes. He also had a reputation as a writer, publisher and social critic. His ancestral home was at Dafarpur in West Bengal, India. The ancestral seat of the Pandits was originally at Dharmapur, a village in the Rampurhat subdivision of the Birbhum district of West Bengal. But the grandfather Ishan Chandra Pandit of Saratchandra Pandit left his ancestral village Dharmapur.

Saratchandra Pandit (Dada Thakur) himself published a magazine called ‘Jangipur Sangbad’. Played the role of writer, press-composer, proof-reader and printer. At first he was helped by his wife and temporary workers to run the press. A wooden hand press that was operated at his residence. He also published a booklet on Bidushak (jesters), satire, humor and social commentary, and his books made an invaluable contribution to social change and to raising public awareness against corruption.

His ability to memorize was immense. He was especially known for his ability to compose songs full of rhyme and rhyme and wit. Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay In recognition of his very popular humorous composition, he was given the name Bidushak Saratchandra. He had a deep knowledge of Bengali, Hindi and English. That made him a unique composer of multilingual rhyme and wit. He made many Bengali palindromes. The local British administrators were also vocal in their criticism of him.

The Bengali film Dada Thakur (1962) was made to commemorate his life, starring the famous filmmaker Biswas Dadathakur in the lead role. Dadathakur won the President Award in 1962. Saratchandra Pandit (Dada Thakur) was born on 27 April 1879 and died on 27 April 1968.

Readers can collect and read the biographical book Dadathakur Rachna Samagra (দাদাঠাকুর রচনা সমগ্র) from this page as pdf file.

Dadathakur Rachna Samagra PDF by Dadathakur.

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