Bangali Jibane Ramani by Nirod Chandra Chowdhury Bangla PDF

Bangali Jibane Ramani Documentary Book by Nirod Chandra Chowdhury Bengali PDF.

Book – Bangali Jibane Ramani,
Author – Nirod Chandra Chowdhury,
Book Pages – 258,
Format – PDF,
PDF size – 8 MB,

Bangali Jibane Ramani by Nirod Chandra Choudhury

Nirod Chandra Chowdhury wrote the Bengali Documentary Story Bangali Jibane Ramani

The documentary book Bangali Jibane Ramani (Women in Bengali Life) is the first Bengali book written by Nirod Chandra Chowdhury. The author Nirod Chandra Chowdhury started writing his first book in English at the age of 50, and at the age of seventy he started writing stories and novels in Bengali. The author says that he thought it was too late in English, so it is scary to think how much it is too late in the case of Bengal. Even more frightening is the fact that from 1943 AD to 1966 AD, he did not write anything in Bengali except for one or two very epic essays. At one time people were almost forgetting that he was also writing in Bengali. When a wife can get married after her husband has been missing for twelve years, it is not at all a forgotten injustice. He started writing in Bengali again in the middle of 197 AD. As a result, it is difficult to say whether the Bengali readership has been recognized as a Bengali writer or not, but only the readership can determine it.

His close friend Gajendra Kumar Mitra was at the heart of the writer’s new Bengali writing. If he had not insisted, the idea of ​​writing Bengali again would not have occurred to the writer. He was in Delhi for a long twenty-five years, he had no acquaintance with the Bengali society there for a long time, even then it was not special – so there was no possibility that the tendency to write in Bengali would come even with the association of Bengalis.

Bangali Jibane Ramani (Women in Bengali Life) is the only name that can give rise to various ideas about the content of the book. So he wanted to make it clear at the outset what the author was writing about. We Bengalis are a great pleasure in our speech and writing. To the author, however, this crumbling seems extremely bad. So he did not want to give any respite from the argument as soon as he opened the book.

First of all, the book is not a discussion of the physical relationship between men and women. That is a biological matter. Let there be no difference between Bengali and non-Bengali, basically there is no difference between human and animal. So if this is the case then there is no point in tying it between Bangladesh and Bengali society. It is enough to read scientific books on biology and physiology just to know about the natural nature of this body religion. It is true, of course, that man did not keep this biological activity completely organic, but imposed a kind of “humanity” on it. But for the post-cosmic satisfaction of this biology, one has to read the old Kama Sutra or the new ‘Sexology’. The author Nirod Chandra Chowdhury did not write this old quiet or dance science anonymously.

In fact, the content of the book Bangali Jibane Ramani (Women in Bengali Life) is bound up in the modern times in the mental history of the Bengali nation. This period is about one and a half hundred years. This era is again the period of influence of Western civilization in our national and personal life. So from another point of view the book can be called a chapter in the history of European influence in Bengali life.

From the beginning of the nineteenth century, European life and civilization began to take a toll on our lives and activities, and within fifty years, the effects were like a flood. It is a well-known fact that this resulted in the creation of neo-Bangla literature, complete dance-type religious sentiments and religious movements, social reform efforts, and finally a sense of nationalism and a political movement for independence. It goes without saying that if Western thought had not been introduced through the English language, it would not have been introduced. But it goes without saying that Western lifestyles, thoughts and ideas have brought innovation in our mental life and feelings. But what is the point of analyzing any one of the activities of the next era that the Bengali mind did not have the previous Bengali mind after coming in contact with the European civilization? It will be seen that almost all of the ideas or tendencies that were behind this activity are foreign, only new ones have been introduced in the country.

Moreover, the content of the book should be kept in mind. The main theme of the documentary book Bangali Jibane Ramani (Women in Bengali Life) is about men and women. This relationship is eternally mysterious. Love is not a matter of understanding or understanding, it is a matter of perception. By knowledge no one will ever be able to discover its meaning. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. This is the first time he has read a book on the subject, and it’s the first time he has read a book on the subject, and it’s the first time he has read a book on the subject. Someone has shouted like Meher Ali in Kshudhita Pashan (Khudito Pashan), “Go away, go away, go away. All lies.” The writer Nirod Chandra Chowdhury might not have been able to go further than the stanza, even if he had not told anyone to go to the difference. There is no shame or embarrassment in this, because the subject matter of the book is that no one has the power to do more than that.

Readers can collect and read the documentary book Bangali Jibane Ramani (বাঙালী জীবনে রমণী) from this page as pdf file.

The documentary book Bangali Jibone Ramani (Women in Bengali Life) PDF Nirod Chandra Chowdhury.

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