Chhayti Upanyas of Buddhadeb Guha

Collection of six famous Novel of Buddhadeb Guha

Compiled with 6 famous novels,
Great Author- Buddhadeb Guha

Chhayti popular Bengali Novel of Buddhadeb Guha.

This book is compiled with six famous novels of Bengali poet Buddhadeb Guha. Buddhadeb Guha is known as a special fiction poet. He has written many stories, novels, short stories and essays. This collection of six famous novels is selected from his novels. Buddhadeb Guha has beautifully portrayed the diverse environment of nature and social life in his stories and novels. He has written many romantic stories and novels. Author Buddhadeb Guha has won many awards for his various writings and essays.

His novels included in this book are
Adal Badal,
Bhalo Lage Na,
Soparda and
Shalangdungri etc.

His romantic stories have brought another dimension to modern Bengali literature which has created a great demand for reading among the readers and has been appreciated by all. He is one of the poets who have created various works of modern thought in Bengali literary world. He also create Rijuda series and all series are most famous among India and Bangladesh.

His more pens are Madhukari, Ektu Ushnatar Jonnya, Rivu, Sajghare Eka, Pratham Prabash, prothama der Jannyo, Aynar Samne, Banbibir Bane, Vabar samoy, Bhabar Age,Elish, Palas tolir Porshi,najai, Moulir Raat, Durer upur, Durer Bhoor, chabutora, mohara, Halud Basanta etc,

After the publication of his famous novel Madhukari, he became the most popular among the readers of Bengal and for writing this novel he received the Sarat Sahitya Puraskar.

Readers will love to read these six famous novels of Buddhadeb Guha.

Collection of six famous Upanyas

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