Chanakya Sen Most Notable Bengali ebooks pdf Collection

Most famous Notable Bengali ebook pdf Collection of Chanakya Sen.

Name of Author- Chanakya Sen (Bhabani Sengupta),
Book- Chanakya Sen’s some notable books,
Book format- pdf,
PDF Quality- Good

Chanakya Sen Most Notable Bengali ebooks pdf Collection

Most famous Notable Bengali story book Collection of Chanakya Sen.

Bhabani Sengupta known as Chanakya Sen. Some famous notable books are listed below in this page which was written by Chanakya Sen (Bhabani Sengupta) ebook pdf. The Asoke Udbhid Matra, Sei Adim Sandhan Bengali story book was published from Kolkata on June,1963. Bhabani Sengupta is a actual name of Chanakya Sen. He was most popular Bengali literature in India. The Rajpath Janapath of his first novel was published on 1960. A respected and influential political commentator on international affairs, His most notably work on southeast Asia and indo-American relations.

He wrote over 15 books in English. His books included analyses on soviet era, Afghanistan and on the regional issues in South Asia. Some of his notable works are Relations among China.Pakistan, India and Soviet union.

His famous books are Rajpath Janapath, Sei Adim Sandhan, Mukhya Mantri, Se Nohi Se Noni, Ashoke Udbhid Matra, Pita Ptrake, Putra Pitake, Rag Nei, Se Nahi Se Nahi, Ekante, Kaler Itihas. Dhire Bohe Neel.

Chanakya Sen’s some notable books as pdf get free from this page.

Ashoke Udbhid Matra by Chanakya Sen

Ashoke Udbhid Matra ebook pdf

Book Size-7 mb
Book Pages-198

Dhire Bohe Nil by Chanakya Sen

Dhire Bohe Neel ebook pdf

Book Size-12 mb
Book Pages-282

ekante by Chanakya Sen

Ekante ebook pdf

Book Size-4.07 mb
Book Pages-155

ekhan shudhu padakhep by Chanakya Sen

Ekhan Shudhu Padakhyep ebook pdf

Book Size-5 mb
Book Pages-168

Kaler Itihas by Chanakya Sen

Kaler Itihaas ebook pdf

Book Size-7mb
Book Pages-232

Mukhyamantri by Chanakya Sen

Mukhyamantri ebook pdf

Book Size-5mb
Book Pages-404

Pita Putrake by Chanakya Sen

Pita Putrake ebook pdf

Book Size- 3mb
Book Pages-221


Putra Pitake by Chanakya Sen

Putra Pitake ebook pdf

Book Size-6 mb
Book Pages- 346

Rag Nei by Chanakya Sen

Rag Nei pdf file

Book Size-7mb
Book Pages-136

Rajpath Janapath by Chanakya Sen

Rajpath Janapath pdf

Book Size-10mb
Book Pages-302

Se Nahi Se Nahi by Chanakya Sen

Se Nahi Se Nahi

Book Size-22mb
Book Pages-312

Sei Adim Sandhan by Chanakya Sen

Sei Adim Sandhan

Book Size-5 MB
Book Pages-85.

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Most famous Notable Bengali ebooks pdf Collection of Chanakya Sen.

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