Adhunikata O Rabindranath by Abu Sayeed Ayyub PDF

Adhunikata O Rabindranath written by Abu Sayeed Ayyub PDF.

Author – Abu Sayeed Ayyub,
Book – Adhunikata O Rabindranath,
GEnre – Bengali Story Book,
Format – PDF,
Pages – 256,
PDF Size – 7 MB,

Adhunikata O Rabindranath by Abu Sayed Aiyub

Abu Sayeed Ayyub wrote the Adhunikata O Rabindranath Bengali Story Book.

The book Adhunikata O Rabindranath (Modernity and Rabindranath) was written by the writer Abu Syeed Ayyub. In the context of modernity and Rabindranath, writer Abu Saeed Ayyub has beautifully highlighted and analyzed various aspects of modern literature and Rabindranath’s boundaries of modernity in his book.

The line between philosophy and poetry is not always very clear. So the author has presented a clear picture in his writing. Although the philosopher cannot ignore the demands of reason, his thinking sometimes stumbles upon a precipice from which he must rely on a fundamental understanding of life and the world as a whole to escape.
But it is also well known to philosophers that feelings, not intellect, can have the final say in the assessment of ultimate value. No philosophy can be erected on the basis of mere observation and conjecture. As far as it goes, science has axed it without words.

On the other hand, poetry writing is merely a collection of words, although today it is heard from the elite circles of literature, but it seems disrespectful to the writer. A poet also has to be a poet in the Sanskrit sense, that is, a seer. Thinking of that, Koldiz said – ‘No man what ever yet a great poet without being at the same time a profound philosopher’.

Why the reader will be disappointed if he tries to find an overview of the entire modern literature?

The reader will surely be disappointed if he tries to find an overview of the entire modern literature or the entire Rabindra in this miniature Mitavilas book. Among the many features of modern literature, the author has highlighted only two features here. The author thinks that these two are feasible today.

The first characteristic is the preoccupation with the poetic body, which results in materialism in poetic composition and criticism, regarding language as a self-contained entity established in its own impenetrable majesty rather than as a vessel or symbol. Sartre’s statement may be an exaggeration, but it is indicative of modern poetic trends, not at all like the transparent glass of poetic language. His work is to create his own unique sound.

The second characteristic – an overabundance of consciousness about worldly evils – afflicts the writer more. A western literary judge said that the character of the literature of this age is – ‘an overwhelming consciousness of evil’. Suddenly modern writers are not very conscious of the sufferings and sins of all around, and the feeling of uneasiness overwhelms their consciousness. The joy, interest, respect, wonder and even curiosity about the world has disappeared and has been replaced by boredom, boredom, frustration.

Who wrote the book Padma Nadi Majhi?

Despite all this, honest literature has been written in modern times, and there has been no dearth of great literature. First of all, modern literature is not only a literature of rejection of hatred or of bitter mood.
Secondly – Many of the rejectionists also left the bright signature of genius in their literary creations. Rilke’s Duino Elegies, Elioted’s Four Quartets, Camus’ Outsider, Manik Bandyopadhyay’s Padma Nadi Majhi, Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay’s Pather Panchali, Buddhadeb Basu’s Tapasvi and Tarangini deserve a place in the literature of all time.

It is not unknown to anyone that in the second half of the present century Rabindranath’s poetic glory became a subject of debate in Europe and in the third half in this country. Several modern poets and poetry critics have raised some of Rabindranath’s objections, sometimes in clear words, sometimes in hints, and sometimes in silent expressions. The author has expressed minor disagreements with prominent literary figures.

Who is the oldest writer of ancient India?

Whether there are clear signs of progress in the history of poetry can be argued by those who say that the Rigveda Samhita later wrote the Bhaktarasha flavor of Kavyasasvadhana. If there is any room for doubt, the learned critic, relying on pure poetical judgement, has come to the conclusion that no later poet can attain the highest level of excellence to which Valmiki, Homer, Vyasa etc. raised the poetic work two and a half thousand years ago. Not even today. But although the progress of poetry is limited, its speed is undeniable.

The appearance of Rabindranath Tagore in the history of Bengali poetry is also a breakthrough. Despite the fact that he was the initiator of a new mood and style in Bengali poetry, Rabindranath has made Bengali poetry reach such heights in his single endeavor, the reach of which is unimaginable for other poets. Anuj poets realized that no matter what they find on the road, they will not find the melody in their own voice.

The author has given an excellent discussion on modernism and Rabindranath in this book, which will greatly attract the readership.
So thinking about the readers, the PDF file of the book is given on this web page, the readers can collect the PDF file of the book from this web page and can read it online.

Adhunikata O Rabindranath (Modernity and Rabindranath) PDF file.

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