Biswer Shreshtha Goyenda Galpa PDF

Biswer Shreshtha Goyenda Galpa by Tushar Kanti Pandey PDF

Book – Biswer Shreshtha Goyenda Galpa,,
Edited – Tushar Kanti Pandey,
Genre – Edited Books
Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 14 MB,
Pages – 374,

Biswer Shreshtha Goyenda Galpa by Tushar Kanti Pandey

Tushar Kanti Pandey Edited the detective story book Biswer Shreshtha Goyenda Galpa.

Literature all over the world is constantly alert to improve human life and world famous writers are eager to take world literature to the highest peak of human welfare and development. In world literature, various horror stories, detective stories, novels, dramas, etc. have been made about ghosts, allegorical stories and detectives. Written by Tabar Tabar writers of the world.

A huge collection of horror and detective stories has been collected. And they are being compiled in different languages โ€‹โ€‹of the world so that people all over the world can easily read horror or detective stories in their own language.

Similarly, writers around the world have written, and continue to write, crime fiction. Many have written on the basis of true stories, and many on the basis of miraculous stories. Crime stories tend to have a lot of suspense. Stories, novels, dramas, novels, etc. are made based on exciting incidents like killing and secretly hiding someone, trafficking, smuggling, robbing, etc.

This Biswer Shreshtha Goyenda Galpa (detective story book) features the works of the world’s best detective story writers. Those stories and author names are given below

Cornish Mysteries – Agatha Christie
Event of the Moment – Ellery Quinn
The Careless Thief – John Dickson
The Tale of Six Napoleons – Arthur Conan Doyle.
Primeval Forest – George Hitchcock
Twenty years later – O. Henry
The Story of Ragi Sakshi – Earl Stanley Garvner
The Flute of Gettysburg – Ellery Quinn
Tainted Past – Agatha Christie
Tide tension – CS Orenter England
Bolter Chuck – Agatha Christie.

Who is the famous detective story writer in world literature?

Everyone knows about the famous detective story writer ‘Edgar Allenpo’ in world literature. He wrote several short stories in the context of instability and insecurity in the newly formed American society and public life of that time more than a hundred years ago. In these short stories, the true form of the detective story was not revealed. However, he successfully delivered a worthwhile mystery story.

Writers have written detective stories based on various detectives investigating incidents. They are called detective stories based on true events. Many writers have painted them in various colors and written many exciting stories and novels.

Many Bengali literary detective stories have been written. After Jadunath Bhattacharya, Priyanath Mukhopadhyay, Panchkadi De, Dinendra Kumar Roy is the unstoppable pace of Bengali detective literature. Sharadindu Banerjee and Hemendrakumar Roy also deserve praise in this regard. But the progress of the detective story in contemporary England was enriched by the diligent observational efforts of a gifted physician like Conan Doyle. The role of an ex-soldier with the rank of colonel in the history of intelligence investigation in England is also significant. He infuses a scientific method into his observations and reviews.

Who is Charles Dickens?

Also in the time of Charles Dickens, Wilkie Collins produced some excellent detective stories. Observation, exploration, observation, introspection, psychological analysis, acceptance, exclusion and judgment of events are the brilliant footnotes of the modern detective story. Conan Doyle’s Sherlock novels are undoubtedly the most widely read detective stories in the world. He is not only the father of the detective story in English literature, but he elevated the detective story to an extraordinary glory in the court of world literature.

Alexander Duma’s writings in Russian literature.

Alexander Duma’s writings in Russian literature also illuminated the continental literary scene of Europe. The modern detective story transcends national boundaries and spans the globe. And today’s fast traveling people have made these detective and spy stories a daily companion as a reading companion to beat the boredom of the jet plane. Along with detective stories, spy stories have gained tremendous popularity since World War II.

In addition to detective stories set against the backdrop of modern life, shortness of breath has also sponsored mystery thrillers. In the hands of Nick Cutter, Hubbard Robbins, Headley Charge, all these detective stories, spy thrillers, thrillers, sex stories have become saturated – loaded. As a result, worthwhile detective and mystery stories have become rare after Agatha Christie.

Who is the world best detective stories writer?

However, in the changing background of the changing world, future detective stories will undoubtedly involve the widespread use of rocket jan, robot man, computer and electronics technology, which will give detective literature a new direction in the coming 21st century.

The indication of which can be seen in the writings of Satyajit Ray. In the story of Professor Shanku. Perhaps the same allusions can be found in the writings of HG Wells, Ray Bradbury, or Isaac Asimov, the great creator of science fiction.

So the pdf file of Biswer Shreshtha Goyenda Galpa is provided on this web page for the readers, the readers can collect the pdf file of the book from the web page and read it online.

Biswer Shreshtha Goyenda Galpa PDF File.

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