Shatabarsher Shreshtha Goyenda Kahini Bangla PDF

Shatabarsher Shreshtha Goyenda Kahini edited by Tushar Kanti Pandey PDF

Book – Shatabarsher Shreshtha Goyenda Kahini,
Edited – Tushar Kanti Pandey,
Genre – Detective Books,
Format – PDF,
Pages – 560,
PDF Size – 20 MB,

Shatabarsher Shreshtha Goyenda Kahini edited by Tushar Kanti Pandey

Tushar Kanti Pandey edited the detective book Shatabarsher Shreshtha Goyenda Kahini

The beginning of the modern detective story is intertwined with the story of almost two centuries of social, political, historical evolution and change. In the 19th century, along with the police system introduced in England, France and European Union countries, the intelligence department also began to develop gradually.

Most importantly, why do we read mystery stories? The answer is not far away, it is in the jewelry of the mind. Life begins to develop through various mysteries, various exciting feelings and also rolls according to the rules of time. Or that most lives are too flat. So happiness-sadness, happiness-suffering are all life together. For a temporary release from that life-struggle, detective stories sometimes become eager to be read at will without the knowledge of the mind.
The mentality of hearing or reading horror stories or fairy tales appears in human life from childhood. These have come to meet the needs of our mind. But it is not understood that they have value in literature. Because their position in literature is always at the bottom. There are many strange thrillers discussing and criticizing horror stories.

Has anyone ever seen a ghost? What are ghosts at all? –

There are different opinions and criticisms in this regard starting from Bengali literature and literature of different languages ​​around the world. Likewise, writers around the world have been writing ‘crime stories’ since ancient times, and are still doing so. Many are writing on the basis of true events, and many on the basis of miracles. Crime stories tend to have a lot of suspense. Detective stories, novels, dramas etc. are made based on exciting incidents like killing and secretly hiding someone, trafficking, smuggling, robbing, etc.

We do not call the detective novel a crime novel, it contains very detailed life scenes. Killing someone – and dying – is the difference between heaven and earth. No one has seen the so-called mystery, romance, or detective story with these eyes. We never want it in our life, but our mind becomes very eager to read that story.

So is the story of the detective. The killer has to be caught eventually. punishment? It’s not always the killer who gets it. But that’s right, full social balance maintains ‘detective fiction’ more than any so-called serious literature. want to keep Draws clear boundaries on what is appropriate, what is inappropriate, what is good, what is forbidden.

Compiler Tushar Kanti Pandey has compiled detective stories or mystery stories by famous writers in this book.

The story ‘Murderer’ by Narayan Gangopadhyay, the famous detective story writer of Bengali literature, is compiled in this book.
Similarly, Indranath, the seeker of Adrish Vardhan,
‘Khun Churi’ by Sudhanshu Kumar Gupta,
Tara Pranab Brahmachari’s ‘Ke Jeno’,
The story ‘Amar Priya Sakhi’ is written by writer Santosh Kumar Ghosh.
‘Neelmani Daroga’ written by the famous detective writer Jadunath Bhattacharya is included in this book.
‘The Last Leela’ by Priyanath Mukhopadhyay,
‘Khatyakari K’ written by Panchkadi Dey,
‘Invisible Hand’ by author Dinendra Kumar Roy,
‘Chaabi’ and ‘Khil’ by Hemendrakumar Roy,
‘Chorabali’ written by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay, a famous writer of Bengali literature,
Writer Premendra Mitra’s famous works ‘Parashar Verma’ and ‘Broken Radio’,
‘Detective’ written by famous detective story writer Manoj Bose,
‘Foggy Face’ by writer Harinarayan Chattopadhyay,
‘One Target Three Murders’ by Ashutosh Mukherjee,
Tarun Gupta’s Bichitra Kirti Katha’ by Gajendranath Mitra,
‘Aftermath of Murder’ by famous writer Bimal Mitra,
‘Lal Nesha’ by Sumathanath Ghosh,
‘Sankhachur’ written by Niharanjan Gupta, the famous mystery and detective story of Bengali literature,
‘Nikkan’ by Amarendra Das,
‘Ek Sutra’ by Bimala Prasad Mukhopadhyay,
‘Mongkhiajung’ by Jarasandha,
‘The Edge of a Femicide’ by Dr. Panchanan Ghoshal,
‘Mystery of the Death of Mangal Bari’ written by Prabodh Chandra Bose (pseudonym Prabuddha), the famous writer of Bengali literary laugh stories.

Who wrote the detective story ‘Chorabali’?

That is why the author considers the detective novel as the successor of ‘Mythology’ and ‘Epic’. Because his undeclared struggle against violence is unceasing. He did not get this recognition from the public.
At that time, when the kingdom was attacked, the kings would summon whom? – Priests reading spells or priests?
The detective in literature is the shield of that defense. If Rabindranath Tagore made ‘Hot and Copper Sky’ a fiery horizon, then there is no shame in detective stories either. There are many common decisions in detective stories such as servants, cooks, etc. being questioned or interrogated, but usually they are not the killers. Some such writers of Bengali literature are Pratul Lahiri, Byomkesh and Feluda, Jadunath Bhattacharya, Panchkari Dey.

Who wrote the best detective story Sankhachur?

Various writers have helped the author in the compilation of this ‘Best Detective Story of the Century’ book. As soon as this collection was published, all the books were exhausted. So the pdf file of the book ‘Shatabarsher Shreshtha Goyenda Kahini’ is provided on this webpage for the readers.

Readers can collect the PDF file of the book from this web page and can also read it online.

Shatabarsher Shreshtha Goyenda Kahini PDF file

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