Bimal Karer Bachai Galpo by Bimal Kar PDF

Bimal Karer Bachai Galpo by Bimal Kar PDF.

Book name – Bimal Karer Bachai Galpo (The Best Selection Story),
Author – Bimal Kar,
book Pages – 343,
Category – Bengali Story Books,
Book published – PDF file,
Book size – 11 MB,

Bimal Kar is the author of the selected story book (Bimal Karer Bachai Galpo).

Author Bimal Kar has written the story book the Selection Story of Bimal Kar . Writer Bimal Kar was a skilled and well-known writer of Bengali literature. In 1975 he received the Sahitya Akademi Award. Author Bimal Kar was born on 19 September 1921 in North 24 Parganas. He was for a long time at Hazaribagh in Jabbalpur and Dhanbad in Bihar.
He has written many stories, plays and novels. His famous novels are “Asamay”, besides his other famous novels are “Neem Flower Scent”, Dwip, Kharkuto, Swapne, Dangshan, Kushilab, Sannidhya, Ashesh, Mallika, Balika Badhu etc. He has ten famous teen novels. Her written spring lament and the girl bride were depicted. This book is written with various stories written by him. He has written this book with some special stories from the stories he has written for 26 long years.

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The author has tried to arrange the stories written by him in this story organization in chronological order. And some mistakes remain to be published very quickly like Palash story was published in Anandabazar Daurgapuja issue but was published in Desh Patrika by mistake. The story of Mr. Ice’s daughter will be published in 1952, but by mistake in 1951. Every story in this “pick story” is pretty and humorous.
Below are the stories that the author has written about in this selected story book.

Rat, daughter of ice man, son of man, glass house, firefly, atmaja, that house on Park Road, love of Pinglar, Anguralata, Jayati, Palash, Sudhamoy, Nishad, rhyme in the name of Trilochan Nandi, disease of sky, waiting, step and we are three lovers and world.
It can be said without any doubt that this book will be acceptable to the readers with the selected stories by the author Bimal Kar. Because all the stories in this book are very beautiful.
Therefore, in the interest of the readers, the PDF file of this book is given on this page.

Readers can read from this page directly from the web page and collect it as a PDF file.

Bimal Karer Bachai Galpo PDF.

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