Chotti Munda Ebong Tar Tir by Mahashweta Debi PDF

Chotti Munda Ebong Tar Tir by Mahashweta Debi Bengali PDF.

Name of the book – Chotti Munda Ebong Tar Tir (Chotti Munda and his Arrow),
Author – Mahashweta Debi,
Ganere – Bengali story book,
File Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 12 MB,
The number of pages in the book is 398,
Quality – Very good, no watermarks,

Chotti Munda Ebong Tar Tir written by Mahashweta Debi

The Bengali story book ‘Chotti Munda Ebong Tar Tir’ is written by Mahashweta Debi, a famous literary writer of Bengal.

When was Mahashweta Debi awarded the Padma Vibhushan?

Mahashweta Devi is a prominent writer of Bengali literature. She is known as a special writer in Bengali literature. Most of her works are about the life characters of the people of the common village life. She has written many books on tribal life in India. Mahasweta Devi received the Padma Shri Award for social work in 1986. She was awarded Padma Vibhushan in 2006 and Banga Vibhushan in 2011. She died in July 2016 due to a heart attack and other age-related ailments.

About the Chotti Munda

The main name of this story is ‘Chotti Munda’. Chotti is also the name of a river. There is a story behind the name of the river. All the time there are stories about him. Wherever his ancestor Purti Munda went, either mica or coal came out of the ground. As a result, there are stories about him as well. Purti brought the wife-son-daughter from Chaibasa to Palamau district. Forests were cut down. Now tools made of stone from under the soil of his field.

It was immediately talked about and suddenly one day Saeb-Bengali-Bihari-various people appeared and picked him up from the forest. When Stone Age tools were found, the area was part of the Department of Archaeology

What kind of writer was Mahasweta Devi?

The main character of her book Chotti Munda Ebong Tar Tir is about a man of Munda caste. Various stories of their hard struggling lives have been presented to the public through this book. The author shows how to organize the movement for the just rights of the Munda tribals. They are always trampled by the upper classes, deprived of their rightful rights, always looked down upon.

The main weapon of the Munda people is the bow and arrow. The author has described their social and personal life story beautifully in this book. Chotti Munda is a symbolic character of the tribal Munda people. Author Mahashweta Devi has highlighted the character of tribal struggle leaders like ‘Birsa Munda’ through this writing.
Birsa Munda was a very popular tribal leader. He fought with the British imperialists of the time for the development and protection of the rightful rights of the tribals and sometimes violently agitated, and as the last reflection of that agitation he sometimes even entered into direct war.

What is the caste of Munda?

The Mundas are classified as an ascetic tribe under the Indian Constitution. This Munda tribe is found in various parts of Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh and Odisha states of India.

The Munda people are an Asiatic-speaking ethnic group in India. They mainly speak the Mundari language as their native language, which belongs to the Munda and subgroup of Austroasiatic languages. The Munda are mainly found concentrated in the plateau region of Jharkhand, Orissa and West Bengal in South and East Chotanagpur.
The Munda people live in the adjoining areas of Madhya Pradesh as well as in parts of Bangladesh, Nepal and Tripura states. They are one of the largest Scheduled Tribes in India. The Munda people of Tripura are known as Mura.

Are the Mundas Hindu?

Of course the Mundas are a Scheduled Tribe community belonging to the Hindu caste. The Mundas were under British rule under the 1976 Act. The term Munda was used for the tribal group. Writer Mahasweta Devi has highlighted the various ways of livelihood of the Munda people.

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What does Mahasweta Debi say about Chotti Munda Ebong Tar Tir?

Their hard life struggle began with the brutal neglect and oppression of the British rulers. They became vocal against injustice. One such personality writer in her story Dhani Munda is a Guru, Dukhiya has portrayed a very vengeful personality in her book. Moreover, in this book, Romeo is seen as a gangster and a moneylender, as well as Gomsta. The author has analyzed them beautifully through her writing. This book of Mahashweta Debi is accepted as a unique book in the reading community.

So for the readers this book pdf file is provided on this web page. Readers can download the PDF file of the book from this webpage and read it online.

Chotti Munda EAbong Tar Tir PDF file

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