Aprajita Story Book by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay

Aprajita Story Book by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay.

Aprajita Strange Child Story Book Published by Taradas Bandyopadhyay.
An invaluable resource of Bangla literature, Pather Panchali has been unleashed on the infamous mystery of children. In search of that mystery, the story of a rural child is served by the story of the young girl, Vibhutibhushan, in the novel, Aprajita.
The unique story of Aparajita has revealed many variations in the life of Apur village school. About this wonderful alias Apu has grown so great, teacher says, a dreamy boy, helpless in the world, resourceless! Maybe a little silly, a little uneducated, but generous, simple, innocent, knowledgeable and inquisitive. Where is such a boy today? Not only in painting the supremely unique character in Aparajita but also as a symbol of a special ideal, the immortal literary creator Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay established it in national life.
Then Apu came from the village to the city. Disillusioned, distracted by the city environment, he has been admitted College in Kolkata. In many instances of scarcity, hunger and starvation have also tried to continue the model of education. In these instances, the widow’s description of the mother’s child and mother’s deepest pain to the child has become manifest.
Subsequently, the story of the incarnation of many wonderful events, including the loss of mother sorbajaya and the marriage of apu in suddenness, was published by Professor Taradas Bandyopadhyay in his short essay, with the help of his father’s unique composition.
Like Apu, those who are crazy about the story, will forget about their sleep and read these outstanding stories simultaneously, and will be directly informed about the nature of the people and the image of the villagers.

Aparajita (Unbeatable) story Book – Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay.

I hope you enjoy reading and sharing the unique story of Aparajita. You can download a PDF file of this book from the link given below.
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