Atharva Veda Edited by Bijan Bihari Goswami PDF

AtharvaVeda Edited by Bijan Bihari Goswami PDF

Holy BookAtharva Veda,
Author – Bijan Bihari Goswami

AtharvaVeda edited by Bijan Bihari Goswami PDF


The (AtharvaVeda) Atharva Veda has been translated and edited by the author Shri Bijan Bihari Goswami.

The translation of the Vedas into Bengali was first started in 1358. Complete translations of four Vedas were published. All the four Vedas have been published in Bengali with a view to discussing and reading this vast Indian tradition from different perspectives in understanding the meaning of the Vedas.
The complete translation of Yajurveda has been done by Shri Bijan Bihari Goswami, Supandita of Sanskrit College. He also translated the entire Atharva Veda into Bengali like the Yajurveda.
The Atharva Veda is the only Veda that has been set up to meet everyone’s needs. Other Rikas, Jajus and Samvedas are mainly focused on the main candidate, but here religion, money, work, salvation are not neglected. There is no denying the violence, hatred and lust of this world.

To move forward on the path of sadhana, one needs the health of body and mind, for which the attraction of Ayurveda and the immense gift of nature and AtharvaVeda are undeniable. So we see in it the medicine and mantra for the cure and most prevention of diseases like fever, tuberculosis and leprosy. The mantra of Atharva Veda is invincible and directly fruitful in conquering the enemy, defeating sin, judging and peace work The mantras of Atharva Veda, such as good fortune, sonship, childbirth, marriage of daughters, prevention of excessive rains and droughts, commercial prosperity, etc., give infallible results. The Atharva Veda has been followed by renovations such as renovation of houses, entry into houses, finishing, upanishads, births, marriages, etc. Considering all these aspects, Atharva Veda is especially useful for everyone.

It seems that the application of trees, amulets and mantras has been going on since this Atharva Veda. But the process by which its mantras, if properly applied, can be fruitful, is now languishing in the womb due to lack of research.

There has been a lot of discussion about the naming of the AtharvaVeda. Many people think that Rik, Jaju and Sam were the three Vedas, later the holy scriptures Atharva Veda was added. This idea is not really acceptable. Because even though the first three Rikvedas of Yajna – Hotru, Udgatri, Adhvarshu and Brahma – are completed by the Rikveda, the Atharva Veda is waiting for the fourth Brahma-karma.

The words of the Vedas are eternal and eternal. India has been carrying this eternal message for ages. Today, this nectarine message of the Vedas is spreading all around. Let the ignorance, darkness and jealousy of all people be removed. And may this nectar of the Atharva Veda fill the soul of man with a heavenly indescribable joy. With that in mind, the Atharva Veda has been fluently translated into Bengali, so that the identity of the Atharva Veda is not distorted in any way.

It is difficult to say why the Atharva Veda was named Atharva, but the Atharva Veda is never Atharva, but it is the only Veda that we can call active.
The word Parabrahma Bhagavan has been interpreted in this Atharva Veda. Although the Atharva Veda shows the way to attain worldly happiness, the path to the afterlife has not been neglected.
What is a god? What is the nature of the god? How the whole world is expressed by God, how to find Him, how to attain happiness as the ultimate goal of life – these are also discussed in the Atharva Veda, especially like other Vedas. On the contrary, in the other Vedas, which are in an incomprehensible form, in the Atharva Veda, it is found in the simplest form of all.

When observed separately, the different manifestations of God manifest in different deities, and when viewed as a whole, the one and only, unbroken blissful God is one in His own glory, even though He is eternal, saintly, great and small, in which the whole world exists.
Although many studies have been done on the period of composition of the Vedas, it is really impossible to determine its exact period. Someone has determined that the Atharva Veda was compiled 1516 years before the birth of Christ.

According to Balgangadhar Tilak, the existence of the Atharva Veda was proved 8,000 years before the birth of Christ. In the Ramayana, for the sake of the son’s sacrifice, the sacrifice was performed according to the provisions of the Atharva Veda. In the Vishnu Purana, the origin of the Atharva Veda is described in the four Vedas together. Pandit Durgadas Lahiri has discussed this subject in detail in his introduction to the Atharva Veda.

The Bengali translation of this Atharva Veda has been published with the aim of the inquisitive and student masses. This is probably the first time that a Bengali translation of the entire Atharva Veda has been published. We hope that Bengali speaking readers will take this collection to heart. So we have given the PDF file of that Holy book in this page.

Readers can read the Hindu Holy Book AtharvaVeda which edited by Bijan Bihari Goswami, as they wish to collect from this page.


PDF file of Atharva Veda.

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