Shunun Dharmabatar by Nathuram Godse Tr. Nirod Baran Hazra

Shunun Dharmabatar by Nathuram Godse.


Name of Book – Shunun Dharmabatar,
Author – Nathuram Godse and Gopal Godse
Translated by – Nirod Baran Hazra.

Shunun Dharmabatar is written by Nathuram Godse. The book was translated by Nirad Baran Hazra.

The book Sunun Dharmabatar was first published in Bengali in January 1989 from Calcutta.
Who was Nathuram Godse? It is a burning name in the history of India that everyone knows but his identity and who is he? Many are not aware of this. In Bengali translation, author Nirod Baran Hazra has beautifully portrayed him in this book.

Translator Dr. Nirod Baran Hazra said, “In most cases what we know is that Nathuram Godse is the assassin of Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation. And as such he is widely known to Indians. The book was written 40 years ago, but the real information about Nathuram Godse was heard in court.” They have not been released. ”

This text has three parts.
The first part was written by Shri Gopal Godse, brother of Nathuram Godse. Translator and author Dr. Nirdabaran Hajra translated this book into Bengali. The first volume deals with the story of Gandhi’s assassination and the last episode of Nathuram and makes the original text readable.

The second part is the original description. I am Nathuram Binayak Godse – Nathuram’s story begins. Since the matter is a court document, it is numbered in each paragraph in this description in the court order. The details are completed in a total of 150 paragraphs then there are the details of the attached attachment and the will of Nathuram.

The third part is the addition of the translator author. The translator has collected from the original text and given various details of the incident in this text. All the news that came before our eyes in 1948 is a document of history today. Seeing all that, he has added to this text.
The author further said that when he was interested in publishing this book, many publishers backed away for fear of getting involved in it unnecessarily. The book was then published after much trying character. In the book, Gopal Godse has written the full details of the case of the assassination of Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi ji and the identities of the accused. Translated by Nirod Baran Hazra.

He was also convicted in the murder case of author Gopal Godse Gandhi. He was convicted of conspiracy and sentenced to life imprisonment. He was released in October 1964 after serving a long life sentence, but was re-arrested a month later under the “Indian Defense Act” and held captive for more than a year. Nathuram Godse, the convict in the Gandhiji assassination case, was hanged, his brother being Gopal Godse.

After his release, he published the details of Nathuram Godse in printed form in Gopal Godse but the government confiscated it illegally.
Mr. Gopal Godse, the brother of Nathuram Godse, the publisher and compiler of “My It Please Your Honor”, is the original author of the translation of the book which was once presented to the readers by the author of Dharmabata with great diligence in an attempt to salvage the true value of Gandhiji.
Translator Dr. Nirod Baran Hazra said, “I bow my head in respect to him today, because without his permission and initiative, such a difficult publication would never have been possible for a small publisher like me. By publishing the Bengali translation, I have been able to give the entire Bengali society the historical significance of the assassination of Gandhi and the courage to establish the truth. ”
People all over the world are interested to know about each of the accused in the Gandhi assassination case separately. What kind of people were they? What are the other aspects of their money? Some of the world famous foreign writers have written books on this subject and in doing so they have distorted the information and fabricated lies instead of simple facts. Naturally gave all the hints that are ugly. In this way, dirt has gradually penetrated into their so-called superpowers. By looking at the mindset of the reader, they have resorted to cheap sentimentality, distorting the image of even those who deserve to be leaders at the national level.

In the case of India, these writers had no interest other than making quick money. They have capitalized on an indescribable and baseless emotion.
Nathuram Godse is a man who killed Gandhiji. There was a constant urge to disclose the details that Nathuram Godse presented at the Red Fort, but for many years the various state governments of India had banned the disclosure of such details. The law that banned it is no longer valid. So the book has been translated into many Indian languages.

The main purpose of publishing this book is to present to the readers all the reasons that Nathuram Godse had behind the assassination of Gandhi.
The author, Shri Gopal Godse, quotes from his book that Nathuram Godse presents his account in English and pleads guilty to murder. The atmosphere of misunderstanding about him has been kept at home. This informative account will create a clarity by ending it. Readers will be able to form their own ideas from simple incidents and from rhetorical and superfluous descriptions.

Writer Gopal Godse said, “Future history writers will judge this work of mine with due dignity and come to a true price.” The author mentions various facts of Nathuram Godse in this book and has published this book to present that information to the readers.

The PDF file of the book is displayed on this page. Readers can easily collect the book and read it beautifully.


PDF file of the book Shunun Dharmabatar.

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