Rahul Sankrityayan Jiban O Mullayan by Prafulla Chakraborty

Rahul Sankrityayan Jiban O Mullayan by Prafulla Kumar Chakraborty PDF.

Book – Rahul Sankrityayan Jiban and Mullayan,
Writer – Prafulla Kumar Chakraborty,
Book Format – PDF,
Book Size – 25 MB,
Pages – 603,

Rahul Sankrityayan Jiban O Mullayan by Prafulla Kr Chakraborty

Prafulla Kumar Chakraborty wrote the Biographical Book Rahul Sankrityayan Jiban O Mullayan PDF.

The book Rahul Sankrityayan Jiban O Mullayan is written by the writer Prafulla Kumar Chakraborty. Rahul Sankrityayan was one of the greatest thinkers of the world. Such a prominent creative person is rare in 20th century India. Such a multi-faceted life, a personality composed of immense knowledge and action is rare even in world history. Traveled all his life to discover the roots of Indian society and civilization.

He realized the endless diversity of Indian nature and society. He mentioned all these realizations in five books of his life. There is perhaps nothing comparable in the world to the unrelenting determination with which he single-handedly undertook to restore the ancient culture of India, which had almost disappeared from the country’s memory.

He crossed the remote footpaths to Tibet several times. There, many rare and precious gems have been recovered from Buddhist monasteries. Besides a large number of books, he brought many ancient paintings and other materials to the country which are preserved in various museums of India. He has done some registration, editing and translation of these dolls. Even today many scholars are doing it in different places.

Why is Kedarnath Pandey named Rahul Sankrityayan?

As the knowledge and experience of this ever-moving man has expanded, his world of consciousness has undergone various transformations, beliefs and lifestyles have also changed. Kedarnath started life as Pandey. In his early youth, he became a servant of the saintly sage Baba Ramuda, and from there became a preacher of the Arya Samaj. In the later phase, the life of the Buddha attracted him and he immersed himself in Buddhist philosophy. And became an inveterate beggar Rahul Sankrityayan. But from the beginning his thoughts were in love and compassion towards the oppressed humanity.

In pursuit of the liberation of oppressed people along the path of Buddhist philosophy, he eventually reached Marxist philosophy. He joined the Marxist party. Became one of the founders of Bihar Communist Party. He became a party member in 1936 and breathed his last as a member of the Communist Party in the same year.

What is the real name of Rahul Sankrityayan?

Kedarnath Pandey is the real name of Rahul Sankrityayan. He was born on 9th April 1893 in an obscure Pandaha village in Azamgarh district of Uttar Pradesh. He was brought up in his grandfather’s house since childhood. Pandaha was his grandfather’s (maternal) home. He had an infinite memory since his childhood. He could remember what he heard and recite it fluently at any time later.

So he was established as a sruttidhar to all. He wrote four my life essays for four months of study I would have wasted 12 months. He attended middle school in Nizamabad. He had outstanding talent in mathematics. ‘Laghu Kaumudi’ was the first lesson of his studies. He recited the Vedas. Once upon a time his fame as a Vedic reader spread far and wide.

When Prafulla Kumar Chakraborty got Rabindra Puraskar?

Historian Professor Prafulla Kumar Chakraborty was fascinated by the varied life of this unique common man. He was not only a wise and learned professor of history, but his range of knowledge and thought was also wide. His books The (Farasi Biplab) French Revolution and ‘The First 10 Months of the War in Europe’ are two notable additions to historical research.

Particularly memorable of his long research work has The Marginal Man. He has written an epic book about the life struggle and organization history of the barren people of East Bengal which has not been written before. The Government of West Bengal awarded him the “Rabindra Puraskar” for the book (Prantik Manab) ‘The Marginal Man’.

Who wrote the historical book Farasi Biplab?

On the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Rahul Sankrityayan, he indulged in Rahul-research. He also acquired proficiency in Hindi very quickly. Joining the initiative of the Rahul Sankrityayan centenary committee, he participated in the translation of the first volume of ‘Meri Jeeban Yatra’ written by Rahul Sankrityayan.

During this time he concentrated on writing an extensive biography of Rahul Sankrityayan. So Rahul visited the Jaisawal Institute in capital of Bihar, Patna, where a portion of his Tibetan scriptures are preserved. Study all the book documents related to his life and achievements. Immersed in his biography for a long time, he wrote about 300 pages biography book of Rahul.

But unfortunately this valuable biographical work was not printed or published before his death due to various reasons. His son Sri Kalyan Chakraborty took the initiative to print the book and it was published in book form. So for the readers, this valuable biographical book ‘Rahul Sankrityayan Jiban O Mullayan’ pdf file is provided on this web page.

Readers, researchers and students can collect the PDF file of the book from this web page and read it online.

PDF file of the book ‘Rahul Sankrityayan Jiban O Mullayan‘.

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