Goyenda Galpa Samagra by Various Writers

Goyenda Galpa Samagra by World Top Various Writers.

Book – Goyenda Galpa Samagra (Detective Story Complete),
Author – World Top Various Writers,
Genre – Bengali Detective Books,
Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 25 MB,
Pages – 650,

Goyenda Galpa Samagra by Various Writers

World top writers wrote the Bengali Detective Books ‘Goyenda Galpa Samagra’

The book Goyenda Galpa Samagra (Detective Story Complete) is written with the writings of 26 famous detective story writers in the world, edited by S Rahman, the famous detective story writer of Bengal.

Discussing about detective stories or novels, it was seen that we can know or we understand the subject is a complex and difficult picture of social life. In the eyes of modern critics, detective literature is a society of violent and cunning criminals who are identified and brought to justice with subtlety. Since these criminal incidents are often happening in the society, it is natural to have fear and apprehension in people’s minds. From such danger, the government intelligence departments of different countries, in many cases, private intelligence agencies work. No matter how many criminals they are, they will be caught one day or the other, and with few exceptions, most are caught.

They use their intelligence and intelligence to accomplish the impossible. Just like crimes are constantly happening in the world, the criminals are caught and brought to justice by using intelligence and strategy and are given appropriate punishment. Detective literature is mainly written in the context of identifying these crimes and criminals. Literary groups in different languages ​​of different countries are immortalized by writing these detective stories or novels. Among them, the name of Sherlock Holmes can be pronounced with womb.

Detective stories, novels and dramas are written based on what main events?

Detective stories, novels and dramas are written based on the events of murder, theft, robbery, etc. The main characters of their detective stories can be people of any age, from children and teenagers to young and old.

A detective novel or story is as thrilling as a ghost story. The main purpose of a detective story is to instill fear and curiosity in the heart of the reader. The author creates a wonderful picture project by mixing the horror feelings of the mind with real experience in that case, which can be observed especially among children and teenagers and even those who are educated to listen to or read such stories. The only reason for this is that boys and girls of this age love to know the unknown and explore the unknown. In detective stories, what is more effective than their judgment, intelligence, etc., is the development of imagination. One of the greatest aids to the detective story is the transformation of imagination into reality. We see that there are two kinds of people in the world, one is good people and the other is bad people. On the other hand bad people are always associated with immoral acts. Their characteristic features are violence, lying, resorting to lying, stealing other people’s property, robbing and, if necessary, killing.

Unethical villains use various tricks to carry out plots or events in such a way that they do not get caught by the authorities or any people come to know about it. As soon as they finish their violent immoral acts, they become silent for a while or run away. And under the cover of this immoral act, they pretend to be good people and walk high in the society. They don’t hesitate to donate money to mosques and temples to hide themselves i.e. their immoral activities. By doing that, common people keep them in mind. And taking advantage of the good people of these common people, they do various immoral acts in the society.

What is the reason man occurred criminal offence?

The work of detectives helps to identify these masked cunning and violent criminals and to catch them or those criminals through thorough investigation. A factual description of any subject that can be called a report cannot be called literature or is not literature. To be literature, it should be developed in all kinds of literature. For example, in ghost stories, imagination is more effective than human judgment. The imagination of the human mind is the biggest enabler of detective stories like ghost stories. Therefore, human children are more interested in listening to detective stories and ghost stories, because at this age they are most imaginative.

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What is the reason why people’s crime trend is gradually increasing in the world?

Since the beginning of the world, some characterless greedy and violent people have been carrying out their violent activities behind the scenes. Since the dawn of civilization, they have been identified and placed in the court of law. Literary writers have been able to attract the attention of the young and old by creating literature by enlivening those issues.

At all times and in all ages, ghosts, ghosts, monsters, violent thieves, robbers, robbers, murderers have both overwhelmed and excited the human mind. Just as people are afraid of these things, they do not want to leave the house at night, if they see the shadow of something, they scream and lose consciousness in fear of ghosts or thieves, in the same way, they also love to listen to their stories. It is surprising to think that in the enlightened civil life of the 20th century, these educated and civilized people have bought more and more books about ghost stories or detective stories written about thieves and robbers and love to read them. This is because the activities of these violent greedy and characterless people of the world inspire them to take bold steps to find them.

One does not want to go out at night after reading such a book, but the next day he collects another book or goes to the library to take it.
The author says that the reason may be to master the techniques of self-defense from the hands of those evil people. At the same time growing up and gaining experience in identifying and catching these criminals by adopting the detective profession. One thing is said by word of mouth. Man is the best life of creation but the saying is not correct in all.

It can be observed from practical experience that all human beings are not the best creatures of creation, some human beings are worse than ferocious beasts. The intelligence literature proves this misconception about human evaluation. This may also be the true reason for the popularity of detective literature.

In Bengali literature, detective stories are not as popular as detective novels, and ghost stories are not as popular as ghost novels. In the small scale of the short story, the story is able to arouse the sensation of horror mixed with the horror. The detective story is not possible to build in such a small scale. So it is reasonable to call a detective novel rather than a story which is a little longer. But many stories have been written.

Literary groups of different languages ​​in different countries of the world have written detective stories or novels and helped people from all languages ​​of the world to read detective stories, from children to young adults. He entertained them through this literature. Similarly, so that Bengali detective readers can easily find the detective stories of domestic and foreign writers together, this writer has edited 26 different stories of famous domestic and foreign writers. The book has already become a reader favorite. The book is not available in the library so the pdf file of the book is collected and given on this web page. For those readers who want to read the book, but could not collect it.

Readers can collect the PDF file of the book from this website page and can read it online.

Goyenda Galpa Samagra Detective story book pdf file of various writers.

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