Goyenda Omnibus by Hemendra Kumar Roy PDF

Goyenda Omnibus by author Hemendra Kumar Roy PDF.

Name of book – Goyenda Omnibus,
Author – Dinesh Chandra Sen,
Book Category – Detective Stories,
book pages – 250,
Book Size – 7 MB,
Book cover – PDF,

Goyenda Omnibus by Hemendra kumar Roy

Hemendra Kumar Roy has written the book Goyenda Omnibus.

The book Goyenda Omnibus is written by author Hemendra Kumar Roy. A compilation of some unpublished and lost detective stories published by Hemendra Kumar Roy, the pioneer author of detective stories in Bengali literature. At that time his writings were sincerely appreciated by the Bengali readers. Author Hemendra Kumar Roy has written wonderful stories and novels for children.

He has written seven brilliant detective stories in the book Detective Omnibus, they are – Kalo Dastana (Black Glove), Bank Robbery, Alien, One Shoe, My Detective, Jayatu Jayanta, Awake Heart, etc.
There are also two big stories in this book. One is the ‘glass coffin’ and the other is the Netajir Choy Murti (six statues of Netaji). What is the six idols of Netaji? You have to read this story to know that.

Below is a list of some of the author’s other special books:
Adolescent Bichitra
Krishna’s journey
Modern Robinhood
Achin Pure of Nilsair
In the grove of youth

Another short story Aloukik (Miracle) has been included in this text. The author has written a great story about this miracle. Will attract the little ones. The author has written three more wonderful stories in this book, they are hidden treasure, an upside down chair and Joyant’s first case’.
The author’s Kalo Dastana (black glove) story, is not just a story. This is a true detective story. Not a word of this detective story has been fabricated. The scene of this detective story is in San Francisco, USA.

We believe that the book Goyenda Omnibus will appeal to teenagers. So the PDF file of the book Detective Omnibus’ is given on this webpage. Readers and teenagers will be able to collect the PDF file of the book from this page and read it online.

PDF file of the book Goyenda Omnibus (Detective Omnibus).

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