Sri Sri Mayer Katha by Swami Arupananda PDF

Sri Sri Mayer Katha Biographical Book by Swami Arupananda PDF.

Book Name – Sri Sri Mayer Katha,
Author – Swami Arupananda,
Editor – Swami Nirjarananda,
Book pages – 486,
Book Format – PDF,

Sri Sri Mayer Katha Written by Swami Arupananda

Swami Arupananda wrote the biographical book Sri Sri Mayer Katha

The book Sri Sri Mayer Katha is written by Swami Arupananda and edited and the publisher is Swami Nirjarananda. Sri Sri Mayer Katha is a biographical book. Janani Sardeswari Devi was born in the village of Jayrambati in Bankura district on the night of Krishnasaptami Tithi on Thursday, December 22, 1853 AD. Shri Ramchandra Mukherjee of Jayrambati village was a very devout Brahmin. He had a happy marriage with Yugabatar Sri Ramakrishna when his daughter was 6 years old. That was in 1266 (Bengali Calendar). He had to stay with his parents for a long time because of marriage at a very young age. Thakur Sri Ramakrishna first brought him in 1273 (Bengali Year). After his stay of 5 years at Kamarpukur, Sri Sri Maa came to Dakshineswar and stayed there.

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Sri Sri Maa Sardeswari Devi spent her childhood in the village and was not associated with education. But the depth of her intelligence was immense.

The second part of this book of his nectarine words was published at the behest of Sri Sri Mother. The materials of this second part, like the first part, are collected from the diaries of his monks and household children. Among other things, readers will be fascinated by the wonderful image of Mother Divyalila with Sri Sri Thakur Ramkrishna of Dakshineswar in this book. From the second part of the short biographical book Sri Sri Mayer Katha, fans will be able to learn a lot more about Sri Sri Maa Sarada. This book was published as a culmination of the centenary celebrations of Sri Ramakrishna. This is the main sincere prayer of the writer Swami Arupananda for the absolute welfare of all men and women.

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Sri Sri Mayer Katha PDF File.

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