Desh Bidesher Premer Kahini by Radhanath

Desh Bidesher Premer Kahini written by Radhanath.

Book – Desh Bidesher Premer Kahini,
Compiled – Radha Nath,
Genre – Romantic Stories,
Format – PDF,
Book Pages – 350,

Desh Bidesher Premer Kahini by Radhanath

Writer Radha Nath compiled the book Desh-Videsh Prem Kahini.

The rarest and most important thing in a love story is the lack of love. Lack of love in love stories is the mainstay of stories in all times and ages. A story in which the natural development and ending of love cannot be called a love story. Prem Hinata is the only and main path of love story.

The pain of heartbreak is love and this painful love experience is the main theme of the love story. Almost a thousand years ago, a Japanese writer Murasaki wrote a story called ‘Tales of Genji’, which is naturally the first short story in the history of our world literature. And the main theme of this first short story is love.

Before this, many stories have gained a place in the court of world literature in which the expression of love or various variations of love has taken a central role. The flavor of love stories is present in Arabic novels or Sanskrit literature, especially the stories of Adirsh Barman.
These stories are usually used as interludes and digressions from larger poems. Sita, Savitri, Damayanti are the original lovers of our epics who left the safe shelter of the royal palace in pursuit of love and were blessed to be companions of exiled husbands or dead husbands.

Shakuntala, in the flame of her childhood love, surrenders herself to a greedy hunter prince, mistaking the status, honor and dignity of a sage’s daughter. As a result, the contemptuous ordeal the eccentric prince had to undergo is unthinkable today.

In Sanskrit literature, the description of love in the atmosphere of Meghdut in Kalidasa’s poetry also reminds us of the pained tearful eyes of this Virhi Yaksha. What is absolutely essential and essential in a true love story is pain and sorrow. That is, love is an essential part of a love story in deprivation.

The social barriers, moral prohibitions and humiliation of Kultyagini in Radha-Krishna’s love have given Radhika extraordinary attraction and establishment as a lover to the reader. Hence, ‘Shrikrishna Kirtan’, the flamboyant host of love and the charm of abslute love, is undoubtedly resplendent with extraordinary glory.
Of all the love stories and descriptions of love in the world, Sri Krishna Kirtan is perhaps the most mesmerizing, varied and unforgettable. So the love story of Vidyapati Chandi das has surpassed any love story in world literature in the journey of time.

Author Radha Nath has compiled the stories of famous foreign writers in this book ‘Desh-Bidesh Premer Kahini’, given below in the order of the stories recorded in the book.

When the story gets tough – Premendra Mitra,
Forest Murmur – Manoj Bose,
After receiving the letter – Banaful,
Lavender – Annada Shankar Ray,
Woman and Nagini – Tarashankar Bandyopadhyay,
Gharanti – Bimal Mitra,
Chitrangada – Narayan Gangopadhyay
Collegiate Love – Sumath Nath Ghosh,
Mysterious – Shailajananda Mukhopadhyay,
The Mind of a Woman – Saroj Kumar Roychowdhury,
TajMahal – Harinarayan Chatterjee,
A thorn is straight, a thorn is upside down – Ashapurna Devi,
Fiancé – Pramathanath Bishi,
A Girl’s History – Gajendrakumar Mitra,
Strange Love – Bimal Kar,
Like a pitiful conch – Santosh Kumar Ghosh,
Mangalsutram – Tarapranab Brahmachari,
Lalita – Smt Bani Roy,
Vijaya Dasami – Devesh Das.
Neither husband nor lover – Kabita Singh,
Subarna – Samaresh Bose,
Amlan Falguni – Kamal Das,
Beyond Dreams – Sukumar Singh Roy,
Kalankabati – Ashutosh Mukherjee.
Neither Adam nor Eve – Kinnar Ray.
Swati O Sap – Syed Mustafa Siraj,
Boyfriend and Husband – Sunil Gangopadhyay,
Siding – Sanjib Chatterjee,

However, the love of Radha-Krishna, enriched by literature, in its multi-spectral assemblage, while being driven by Radha’s passion for writing, has gradually matured into a lustless godly love.

When did the trend of modern short stories in Bengali literature begin?

The trend of modern short stories that started in the nineteenth century and was blessed to reach perfection in the arena of world literature in the latter half of the twentieth century, love stories and the structure of the story that sustains love has gained a novel richness. Although love stories today capture the emotions of short stories, love and anecdotes have played an important role in literature throughout the ages.

Therefore, love is the central theme of the epics written in the country and abroad throughout the ages. The love of men and women, the love of man, sometimes gods and goddesses have come against man. So it can be seen that the story of Ramayana begins with the love of Surpankha – Lakshmana.

Is true love inherent in alienated love?

The Srikrishnakirtan poetry of the late eighteenth century deals with Radha Krishna’s passionate love story and the divine love of his passionate passions and impetuous impulses. The richness of true love can be found in alienated love. When love leaves its normal course and goes astray, it moves forward by opening the gates of imaginative feelings.

Love appeared in Bengali literature with the writings of Bankimchandra. Writer Dhuryatiprasad says enough in this context that Bankimchandra Chatterjee discovered the method called Prem in Bangladesh and then came Rabindranath Tagore.

So basically Rabindranath wrote the footnote of love in Bengali literature. Bankimchandra Chatterjee created a plot based on the widow’s love. But never even covertly indulged the widow’s love. And there is no mention of the previous writers. The only law of widowhood is strict celibacy and the married woman commits extramarital love and strictly punishable crimes and taboos – both in society and in literature.

In Rabindranath’s early novels it is as if the influence of Bankim Chandra had bound the movement of his hero-heroine in a tight control. The stories of  Rabindranath Tagore such as Tin Sangi, Nastanirh and Char Adhyaya etc., are a significant addition to Bengali literature in the arrangement of forbidden three-way love with relatives and local relatives. Compared to Rabindranath’s early novels, social, anti-social, estranged, childhood love or widow love are not untouched in the stories of the collection.

What does Kallol age mean and when did it begin?

The Kallol era refers to a turning point in Bengali literature when the seeds of modernity germinated in Bengali poetry and fiction. Later, in the writings of the writers of the Kallol era, especially in the writings of Achintyakumar Buddhadev Basu, Manish Ghatak and Premendra Mitra, love, forbidden love, alien love appear with all their varied emotions. .

Therefore, the book ‘Desh Bidesher Premer Kahini’, which is a compilation of famous love stories of this country and abroad, is given as a PDF file on this web page for the readers.

Readers can collect the pdf file of this ‘Desh Bidesher Premer Kahani’ book from this webpage and can also read it online.

PDF file of the book ‘Desh Bidesher Premer Kahini

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