Ekti Khame Bhora Kahini Bangla Novel PDF

Ekti Khame Bhora Kahini Popular Bengali Novel PDF.

Book – Ekti Khame Bhora Kahini,
Genre – Bengali Novel,
Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 7MB,

Ekti Khame Bhora Kahini by Abul Bashar

Ekti Khame Bhora Kahini Popular Bengali Novel PDF.

The novel book Ekti Khame Bhora Kahini (An envelope full of stories) is written by Abul Bashar. Author Abul Bashar is well-known as a prominent literary writer of Bengali literature. He composed his book with beautiful stories. We believe that literature will survive like a phoenix even if it burns in the fire of electronic media. The book will spread its wings in the sky and touch the soil of the horizon.

It is not unknown to anyone today that Bengali literature lovers are imprisoned in the world. Keeping that noble tradition in mind, books are being published one after another by various publishing houses with their sincere goodwill. The world’s great writers are able to publish their works very easily with the sole efforts of the great publishing houses.

Along with that, it is undeniable that literature has an immense role to bind the greatest human society in the world in a better and orderly circle and to improve the quality of human life. Through genuine sincere goodwill, poets are continuously devoting themselves to character formation and social development through the spiritual writings of writers.

When Bengali literature gradually spreading in the horizon?

So the writer Abul Bashar with his tireless work has perfectly composed some books, which will quench the thirst of the present-day literature lovers. Many old and new writers and poets of Bengal are advancing towards the spread of Bengali language with the flourish of their writing. The value of Bengali literature is gradually spreading in the horizon, the demand has increased worldwide.

Bengali literatures turn to conquer the world started from the Rabindra era. Rabindranath Tagore wrote the world famous poem Gitanjali and became a world renowned writer and won the Nobel Prize.

The book Ekti Khame Bhora Kahini (An envelope full of stories) of writer Abul Bashar is composed of 15 stories. The names of the stories recorded in the book ‘Ekti Khame Bhora Kahini’ are given below –

Toy siblings, Rakta Swarsati, On the other side of the river, A man like me, Source of violence, The wind is a signal, Prison, Forest rain story, winged scorpion, Dedication, Short stories, Black clouds have paved the way, A bloody mistake.

What is Kallol Period?

The renaissance of writing of the Kallol period in our literature is largely influenced by the direct influence of Lawrence. Thus Rat Vore Brishti of Buddhadeb Bose, Samaresh Bose’s ‘Shamba’, ‘Bibar or Prajapati’ crossed the line of vulgarity, Alberto Moravia’s novel ‘The Woman of Rome’, Julie Novkov’s Lolita, François Sagan’s A Certain Smile has become a duality of artistic utility.

The Novel book Ekti Khame Bhora Kahini is given as a PDF file on this web page for the readers. The reader can collect the pdf file of the book from this web page and read it online.

Ekti Khame Bhora Kahini PDF

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