SriSri Sarada Debi by Brahmachari Akshaychaitanya pdf

SriSri Sarada Debi by Brahmachari Akshaychaitanya pdf

Book name is SriSri Sarada Debi,
Book style is Bengali Story Book,
Book format is PDF,

The book SriSri Sarada Debi story has written by the author Brahmachari Akshaychaitanya.

The author is of the opinion that this is the first time that the life story of Sri Sri Ramakrishna devotee Janani SriSriSarda debi has been published. For almost 20 years, shortly before his ascension to the throne (14th Poush 1325), he sought to reflect in words the form that gradually appeared in the writer’s mind as a result of his close association with his character and his dependent children. She is an apostle as an introvert.

Inspiration comes from within his disciples. While collecting the words of Swami Sardananda Maharaj from Dr. Sri Surendranath Roy in Barisal, some words of SriSri Maa were written by himself and Suren Babu requested the author to collect the unpublished stories about him. On that day the Rath Yatra of 1341. About two years later, in Ranchi, the author decided to write a full biography in the face of numerous obstacles at the instigation of his guru brothers Sri Surendra Sarkar and Sri Srish Ghatak.

Sri Sri Ramakrishnalilaprasanga and Sri Sri Ramakrishnapunthi have various passages which contain some incidents of SriSri ma’s first half life. In the book SriSrimayer Kotha, some incidents of his life are known in isolation. The help of these books was taken while composing this book.

Most of the material in this book was collected from the disciples of SriSri Ma Sarda. That is why the author went to various places from Kanpur to Rangoon and tried to collect it through meetings and conversations with about two hundred devotees and also by searching through letters. Sri Sri Ma Sarada used the common language of the country to communicate with the people of the country especially during her stay in the country and during her stay in Calcutta she used the language of Calcutta to speak to everyone. In this book, the language spoken by Sri Sri Maar is written exactly as the narrators said. There is no uniform language in all parts of Bankura district. This book highlights some of the features of the spoken language of the Jayarambati region.

Like SriSri Thakur, SriSri Ma Sarda’s life also has human or worldly and divine or indicative or miraculous events. In spite of the predominance of human nature, it is uncommon to try to draw a character with only the supernatural, leaving out the supernatural or omitting the supernatural. Such attempts do not seem to have much success. During the narration of Sri Sri Ma Sardar Leela, the author has seen his deity-human form in many places and the author has tried to show those shots following the footsteps of Swami Saradananda Maharaj who is related to Leela.

With this book, SriSri Ma Sarda’s many devotees and householders are involved in the efforts of the disciple child. They have helped the writer in many ways out of spontaneous love for Sri Sri Ma Sardar. Of these, the names of Shri Ganendranath and Indubhushan Sengupta, the children of Ma Sardar’s servant, are particularly noteworthy. Suhridwar Shri Bankimchandra Mukherjee has won the gratitude of many by judging the wrestling of Shri Ma Sardar. This book was first published 17 years after the death of Sri Sri Mata Thakurani (18 Bhadra 1344). How many controversial topics were then known to the library for sure was mentioned at a later edition.

The author considers himself blessed to be able to hand over the results of his research of at least 30 years to the readers by overcoming many obstacles with the blessings and infinite mercy of his mother.
So we have given the link of the PDF file of that book on this web page. Readers can easily collect the book and read it online.

PDF file of the rare book SriSri Sarada Debi.

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