Brihat Tantrasar by Chandra Kr Tarkalankar PDF

Brihat Tantrasar by Chandra Kumar Tarkalankar Bengali ebook PDF.

Book – Brihat Tantrasar,
Translated by – Chandra Kumar Tarkalankar and edited by Rasikmohan Chattopadhyay,
Genre – Religious Books,
Language – Bengali,
Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 20 MB,
Book Pages – 772,

Brihat Tantrasar Translated by Chandra Kumar Tarkalankar PDF

Brihat Tantrasar Translated by Chandra Kumar Tarkalankar PDF

The Brihat Tantrasar is a significant text in Indian religious and historical contexts, particularly within the domain of Tantra. Its historical background is intertwined with the broader development of Tantra in India. This religious  book edited by Rasikmahon Chattopadhyay.

Origin of Tantra: Tantra is a diverse spiritual tradition that emerged in India around the 5th century CE. It encompasses a range of practices, rituals, and beliefs aimed at spiritual growth, enlightenment, and divine union. Tantric teachings often involve rituals, meditation, mantra chanting, and the worship of deities.

Who edited the Brihat Tantrasar?

Historical Context: During the medieval period in India, especially from around the 7th century CE onwards, Tantra began to gain prominence. This period saw the emergence of various Tantric texts and traditions, reflecting a synthesis of diverse religious and philosophical influences, including elements from Hinduism, Buddhism, and indigenous Indian traditions.

What do we know about ‘Brihat Tantrasar’?

Brihat Tantrasar: The Brihat Tantrasara is attributed to the Indian sage Krishnananda Agamavagisha. It is considered one of the foundational texts of the Kashmir Shaivism tradition, a branch of Tantra that flourished in the region of Kashmir during the medieval period. The text is a compendium of teachings on Tantra, encompassing various aspects such as philosophy, ritual practices, meditation techniques, and the worship of deities.

Philosophical Significance: The Brihat Tantrasara expounds the philosophical tenets of Kashmir Shaivism, which emphasize the non-dual nature of reality (Advaita). It teaches that the ultimate reality, known as Shiva, is both immanent and transcendent, and that all beings are inherently divine. The text also elucidates the concept of Shakti, the divine feminine energy that is considered the creative force of the universe.

Practical Application: Alongside its philosophical teachings, the Brihat Tantrasara provides practical guidance for practitioners, including instructions for various rituals, meditations, and yogic practices aimed at attaining spiritual realization and liberation (moksha).

Elucidation of the historical background of the Brihat Tantrasara in Indian religions and historical distinction

Historical Influence: The Brihat Tantrasar, along with other Tantric texts, exerted a significant influence on Indian religious and cultural history. It contributed to the development of Tantra as a distinct spiritual tradition and played a role in shaping the religious landscape of India, particularly in regions such as Kashmir where Shaivism thrived.

In summary, the Brihat Tantrasar occupies a prominent place in the history of Indian religious thought, particularly within the context of Tantra and Kashmir Shaivism. Its teachings on philosophy, rituals, and spiritual practices continue to inspire practitioners and scholars alike, reflecting the richness and diversity of India’s spiritual heritage.

Brihat Tantrasar by Chandra Kumar Tarkalankar PDF

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