Spainer Rupasi Kanya by Shahidul Islam PDF

Spainer Rupasi Kanya by Shahidul Islam Bengali PDF.

Book – Spainer Rupasi Kanya Vol-1,
Written by Inayatullah Altamash and Translated by – Shahidul Islam,
Genre – Historical Book,
Language – Bengali,
Format – PDF,
PDF Size – 8 MB,
Book Pages – 168,

Spainer Rupasi Kanya translated by Shahidul Islam

Inayatullah Altamash wrote the historical book Spainer Rupasi Kanya Vol-1

The book Spainer Rupasi Kanya(Beautiful Daughter of Spain) is written by the author Inayatullah Altamash and translated by Shahidul Islam. In this book, those brave mujahids, who established the ideal of unlimited sacrifice to fly the flag of Islam in the heart of Europe. And wishing the success of those heroes of today who have set the highest example of tireless work and sacrifice to spread the light of Islam again to remove the darkness of Europe. The author dedicates this book to them.

What period was the golden age of Muslim history in Spain?

That period was the golden age of Muslim history. At the time the moon and star studded flag was wooded in present-day Spain. The memory of that golden age still lives on in Cordoba’s Jame Mosque and Al-Hamra Palace. Many Arabic words in the mother tongue of Spain also bear traces of Muslim history. Although distorted, many places and structures still bear the Arabic names of the Muslim conquerors. Jabale Tarek bears the name Gibraltar but is reminiscent of the victorious Tarek in Spain.

But later the Muslim rulers of Spain began to think of themselves as rulers instead of servants of Islam, and from then on the death hour of Islamic rule began. In Europe, Muslim rulers were defeated one after another.

The author of this book has highlighted the main elements of the fall based on some fragmentary images of the reign of Abdur Rahman II, the ruler of Spain at that time. The writer Altamash has tried to bring out the true status of some notable characters of Abdur Rahman’s reign by interweaving new and old reliable history.

In this book, the author has tried to present beautiful and attractive women excluded from Islam, women greed of Muslim rulers and how deviation from the teachings of Islam leads to destruction and downfall.

What is the main reason for the end of Muslim rule in Spain?

In this book, the author has presented more beautifully how much danger can be brought to the house of Muslims and the children of Muslims due to carelessness and negligence, how many shameful consequences can be caused. The luxury of the rulers, the deviation of the rulers from the precepts of Islam gave way to the infiltration of archenemies. Dissociation can also be seen among themselves, gradually making ‘Muslim Spain’ weaker and weaker.

When describing the Muslim kingdom of Spain, it is natural that the minds of Muslims will be raised. Because after 800 years the Muslims had to leave this ‘lost paradise’ built with great difficulty. It is not common to be uprooted from a continent leaving behind an ocean of blood, tears, cries, moans and pain. Of course, this history is a great lesson for the Muslim nation. A pure example. There is much to be learned from the Spain of simultaneous triumph and disaster. Especially in today’s difficult times.

Where was born the author Enayetullah Altamas?

So this book is very timely. Readers will see what is inside this book only after reading it. Bangladesh is still at the peak of popularity in this Spainer Rupasi Kanya Vol-1 (Beautiful Daughter of Spain) book written by Altamas. So for the readers the book is provided in PDF file on this web page. Readers can download the book PDF file from this web page and read it online.

Spainer Rupasi Kanya Vol-1 (Pretty Daughters of Spain) by Inayatullah Altamash PDF file.

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