Kantai Kantai Vol All by Narayan Sanyal

The narrative story of writer Narayan Sanyal’s Kanta Series (Kantai Kantai) has been published in six volume.

Kantai Kantai by Narayan Sanyal all 6 Volume

Kanta Series in sixes Volume of Narayan Sanyala’s pdf from this page below.

In the sixes the poem began to write the Kanta series episode. After the novel Nagchampa was filmed, he started writing this Kanta Series episode. In this story Barrister PK Basu first appeared. He was a confirmed bachelor and an old man. He did not wake up to the question of poet or poet at best. PK Basu is a fictional detective character of Bengali writer Narayan Sanyal. The story of the kata series is PK Written in the center of Basu. P.K. Basu alias Prasanna kumar Basu, renowned Criminal Side Barrister of the Calcutta High Court. He was the junior of Atul krishna Ray. In the criminal case, he played the role of an overwhelming and savvy lawyer. He did not ideally take the case of the criminal and acquitted the innocent person from the fake case. The innocent but the survivor of the execution of the executioner in keen intelligence.

Narayan Sanyal
has painted this character in parallel to Parry Mason of Stanley Gardner. Through the courtroom trial and own investigation, PK Bose explains the mystery. Although most of the stories in the thorn series are in the shadow of the story of Stanley Gardner, some stories were written according to the story of Agatha Christie and several foreign writers.
In the house of PK Basu, she has an affluent wife and two young women Kaushik and Sujata. The two people in the last two people, despite being unfriendly, are close relatives. Intelligence agencies created by them sometimes help Basu’s own investigation.
According to the poet, only Sudheyon knows that there is no difference in the sale of live selling with images sold. The director of the image will then be cut off to the head or the tail.

The poet further said, if the film was to see the picture on the opening day, then it was found that PK Basu is not bad at best. But there was no other way than to accept it. So Nagchampa is a trail ball in the series of cut, the game in Ele bely.
In the novel Nagchampa, he used the character of Babu Saheb as a special purpose. Saradindu Bandyopadhyay created his Bomkesh Bakshi character with the shadow of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s world-famous detective Sherlock Holmes. Ajit Babu has also received a replica of Sherlock Holmes Government Doctor Watson, in Bengali literature.

Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay
established this secret story that is not a fictional folk literature. His literary and industrial efforts have flown in various ways in a variety of ages, from writers to general readers. In his Jhindar Bondi, efforts are made to transform foreign stories into Bengali literature and make efforts to establish Bengali literature.
The poet has tried to write these stories like Saradindu Babu, Mahakaler Mandir (Temple of the Mahakal), Abar Jadi Eccha Kore, (If You Do It Again). In Bengali literature, he wants to establish foreign intelligence. In most of his intelligence stories, the mystery has been extinguished, in the court room, and advocates of death.

The poet said that while writing these stories, Bomkesh has retired forever. Ajit babu’s pen hanging today Multiple places of Bengali literature became empty. There has been no established and powerful literary advances achieved to fulfill this serious lack. Kiriti, Parashar Verma, etc. are now also hiding. It seems that the killing of Bangladesh’s killer-wounded Rahajani of this decade has ceased. Who has missed the other side of the wall, this is an incompetent attempt. If this is the first story of Champa in this series, the second story is that if PK Bose was able to kill readers, then he would have expressed his willingness to hear some of the later stories. The poet acknowledged the basic structure of different stories and he did not make any claims of intelligence. The spider’s net is not his own work, Bee Muchak.

Those who are unable to do basic rituals in the literature, continue to chew spiders. Do not interrupt unnecessary interest in my honeymoon. The writer has admitted in utter words, most of his stories are a combination of various detective texts written in English. These six books of the authors hope to be appreciated among the readers. The book will read the books and give feedback. Readers can get the Dashti Upanyas (10 Novels) in our previous post of the author. The best collection of Kanta Series episode of writer narayan sannyal collect, read and enjoy.

The PDF file of these books are given below.

Kantai Kantai Part- 1
Kantai Kantai Part- 2
Kantai Kantai Part- 3
Kantai Kantai Part- 4
Kantai Kantai Part- 5
Kantai Kantai Part- 6

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