Dashti Upanyas by Narayan Sanyal PDF

The Dashti Upanyas (Ten novels) has written by poet Narayan Sanyal.

Book Name – Dashti Upanyas,
Category- Bengali Novel,
PDF Pages – 682.

Dashti Upanyas by Narayan Sanyal ebook pdfNarayan Sanyal wrote bengali novel the Dashti Upanyas.

The most popular and human poet of Bengal Sri Narayan Sanyal has given the name of the book Dashti Upanyas (10 Novels). But all the stories in this book are not novels in that sense. According to the poet, this term applies in the sense of the use of the word in the mean-rude sense of the editors of Shared literature. These stories have sometimes been published separately in books, as apologies for the liberation of a large book.
Many have already been published in the periodical newspapers, their exact calculation is not remembered by the poet. The stories are not composed and are not well-timed, but in the course of the background they are present.

The first one to be joyous is the vague past. His material from more than a number of authentic history and research books, as well as the final story of his unfinished distinction, was derived from many scientific scientific research texts.

The poet has said that a word has been started recently as ‘the Woman’s live’. In the chronological order, in the chronological order, in the first three stories, the heroine received more status than heroes.

The author’s third story, Bratya, wrote the book on his personal experience. Poet says Balaida means that Banofull read it and advised me in the article, it is better to boycott the ending of the story. But he could not accept the suggestion of the poem, so he did not get angry. Because he himself did not change the end of Sri madasudan drama according to the advice of Rabindranath himself.

He has tried to write Alaknanda and Manami in a different way, then he is a Pallab Gari, so the author has rejected the author. The main element of the final story is that of poet Kabul. He studied music about the rare experience of capital and wrote this story and poetry is a compilation of music.

The book Snehadhanya was a famous poet. In 1970, when the poet revolted around East Asia in search of Netaji’s mystery, he received a rare autobiography written in English from a former soldier of Azad Hind Bahini. That is the main issue and material of this story.
He said I did not see Miss Nair. It seems to me that in the contemporary history, Miss Nayar’s autobiography is a real fact.

The story of Choball is debated with real and imagination. The authors in this book are the stories they are, Anand Swarupini 11 pages, Hanseshwari 81 pages, Bratya 185 pages, Alakananda 247 pages, Manami 309 pages, Durlav ‘Durlav’ 403 pages, Snehadhanya 431 pages, Sherlock Hevo 485, Chaubal 547 and Abak Prithibi (the surprise world) 601 pages.

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Dashti Upanyas by Narayan Sanyal

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