Shatabarsher Shera Rahasya Upanyas Edited by Anish Deb PDF

Shatabarsher Shera Rahasya Upanyas edited by Anish Deb PDF

The name of the book is Shatabarsher Shera Rahasya Upanyas All Volume.
Category of the book – Mystery novel,
Book page – 814,
Book format – PDF file.
Compiler of the book – Anish Deb.

Writer Anish Deb has edited Shatabarsher Shera Rahasya Upanyas (The first volume of the best mystery novel of the century).
Writer Anish Deb, before writing the Shatabarsher Shera Rahasya Upanyas (first volume of the best mystery novel of the century), said that this mystery novel is inextricably linked with his life. He said that when he was a child, the prose of Bengali books in school was Rabindranath, Bankimchandra, Saratchandra, Kazi Nazrul Islam as everyone has but besides that there was one more thing which not everyone has.

Swapan Kumar’s Bajpakhi Series was thrilling when he was in Class III. The next year, after reading Niranjan Gupta’s Piya Mukh Chanda, he was scolded at home. Then how did he become a reader of this mystery thriller literature. When he found the mystery detective story books, he couldn’t help but read them.
Mystery-thriller detective and science fiction stories were intertwined with his life from a very young age. He understood how a miraculous pull came into his life. But even then he did not know that he would become a writer while reading this mystery-thriller story. He contributed to the compilation of mystery novels by many writers. Published a series of mystery story books.

That Shatabarsher Shera Rahasya Upanyas (mystery novel of the century) is published in three volumes.

Shatabarsher Shera Rahasya Upanyas Vol-1
Shatabarsher Shera Rahasya Upanyas Vol-2
Shatabarsher Shera Rahasya Upanyas Vol-3

The first volume contains 15 novels. Strange Harta by Priyanath Mukherjee, Hyenar Danth by Gajendra Kumar Mitra, Bhuter Moto Adbhut Novel by Buddhadev Basu, Krishna in Prison by Prabhavati Devi, Udasi Babar Akhra by Nripendrakrishna Chattopadhyay Sonar Harin by Manoranjan Bhattacharya, Burmar Mama by Shivram Chakraborty, Shahi Shiropa by Pramathanath Bishi, ‘Benisanghar’ by Sharadindu Bandyopadhyay, Rahasyer Alochhaya by Hemendrakumar Roy, Tarakar Mrityu (Star Death) by Mrityunjaya Chattopadhyay. Mayabi by Panchkari Dey, Jhope Jhare Nekre (Wolves in the bush) by Dinendrakumar Roy.
The novel is based on the detective-mystery-thriller-ghost work of various famous writers and authors. As the novel is based on a variety of novels such as Mystery-Thriller, Ghostly Detective, etc., he has named the book Shatabarsher Shera Rahasya Upanyas (The Best Mystery Novel of the Century).

This novel The Best Mystery of the Century attracted the readers of Bengal and all the books published in the first volume were soon sold out. Therefore, in view of the great interest of the readers, a PDF file of the said book has been given on this page. Readers can easily collect Vol-1,Vol-2, Vol-3 and read the PDF files of the book from this page.


Shatabarsher Shera Rahasya Upanyas Vol-1 by Anish Deb PDF.

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