Premer Galpo Novel by Pratibha Basu Bengali PDF

Premer Galpo Novel by Pratibha Basu Bengali PDF

Romantic Novel Name – Premer Galpo PDF,
Author – Pratibha Basu,
Category – Romantic novels,
Book Format- PDF.

Premer Galpo Novel written by Pratibha Basu.

The novel Premer Galpo (Love Story) is an outstanding Romantic Novel. This Premer Galpo (Love Story) is composed of eight romantic novels. These are Mukti (Freedom), Doibat (coincidence), Sumitrar Apamrityu (untimely death of Sumitra), Gunijanochit (virtuous), Bichitra Hridoy (diverse heart), Antahin (Endless), Abiswashya (unbelievable) and Basanta Jagrata dware (spring awakening door), etc.

The story of Mukti discusses the stage of girls’ liberation, which means that when girls grow up, parents start thinking about giving them to their worthy husbands. They can’t sleep at night thinking about when they will be able to marry their daughter. The idea of ​​marrying girls or freeing families has been around for a long time and is still alive today. But are girls being released while married? In this society, girls are always submissive. Even after their marriage, they have to live as toy dolls for men. In this liberation and other stories, the author has beautifully analyzed the various incidents of the release of those girls.

Pratibha Basu is known as an exceptionally talented writer in Bengali literature. She is well known as a unique writer in the light of Bengali literature. Many of his novels have been illustrated and are still among the readers of Bangladesh as a unique example in the world of Bengali literature. There is a lot of excitement among Bengali readers to read her romantic stories. Readers still look for books written by him in bookstores to read his books.

Writer Pratibha Basu has written the novel Love Story. Of course readers will love it. So on this page the link to the PDF file of the book is given. Readers can collect the book for reading from this page.

PDF file of the novel Premer Galpo (Love Story).

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