Mahabharater Maharanya by Pratibha Basu PDF

Mahabharater Maharanya by Pratibha Basu PDF

The name of book is Mahabharater Maharanya,
Author – Pratibha Basu,
The book format as PDF,

Author Pratibha Basu has written the mythological novel Mahabharater Maharanya.
The Mahabharater Maharanya mythological novel discusses and analyzes various episodes of the Mahabharata. Writer Pratibha Basu has highlighted various aspects of the Mahabharata in a beautiful way in her novel ‘Maharanya of the Mahabharata’. He has divided this mythical novel into several episodes. The day the mythological narrator Sauti came to Maharshi Shaunak’s ashram, the sages heard the Krishnadvaipayana-based Mahabharata from her mouth. This book belongs to Byasadeva regardless of ‘Manosagar-Sambhuta-Amrita’. The book is rich in details of history, mythology, ghosts, future, present tense, and decay, death, fear, disorder, lack of emotion, not only history, geography, philosophy, mythology, warfare, geology, anthropology, etc.

However, Dvaipayana has composed the anecdote with a special dynasty of a particular kingdom. The name of that dynasty is Bharat dynasty.
The author has given a beautiful analysis about Shakuntala, the Palita daughter of Ashram resident Kanbamuni. Surrounded by the river Punyatoya Malini, the ashram was home to many trees. Shakuntala saw nothing but this seat. At that time the king came to this beautiful forest on a hunting hunt and after killing many animals he came to that beautiful ashram and after seeing that ashram he came there and when he did not see the people he kept calling, Are you there

Then Shakuntala came out of the house and said, what do you need? My father has gone to the forest to pick fruit, wait a minute he will come.
The various events that followed are beautifully analyzed in this mythological novel which, if read, will give you detailed information about the ashrams of Shakuntala and Kanbamuni.

Writer Pratibha Basu has beautifully analyzed the very powerful king Drupada in the second episode. The only daughter who got up from the yajna at the house of that king Drupada was married to five brothers. We must read this book to know who those five brothers and daughters are.
His next discussion is about Sri Krishna, Arjuna, Nakula, Sahadeva, who is called Panchpandava. How Maharaja Jarasandha was killed. How Arjuna helped in this murder. He has analyzed it beautifully in this book.

The author describes in this book how the Pandavas at that time planned Jarasandha and forced him to go to war. Cleverly planned and killed him. It is completely against Kshatriya religion. Because it is not only against Kshatriya religion to kill someone from a careless house by secretly entering the inner city, it is considered a very big crime for any human being. The Pandavas have done this from the first day to the last day. But there is no condemnation of them in the Mahabharata. In this Mahabharata, heroism is also declared as a crime worthy of death.

What is wrong is wrong, no matter who does it. But in the Mahabharata there is no condemnatory practice of those wrongdoers. It is known that one of Krishna’s two enemies was Jarasandha and the other was Shishupala. Fearing Jarasandha, he hid and took shelter in Dwarkabati.

There is no doubt that this novel, which is full of myths, will encourage the readers to read it. So the PDF file of the book is given on this page. You can easily collect and read the book from this page.


PDF file of Mahabharater Maharanya mythological Novel.

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