Prabandha Sankalan by Buddhadeb Basu PDF

Prabandha Sankalan by Buddhadeb Basu PDF

Book – Prabandha Sankalan,
Author Buddhadeb Basu,
Book Pages-385,
Book Size-27 MB.

Author Buddhadeb Basu has compiled the novel Prabandha Sankalan. This Prabandha Sankalan (Collection of Essays) is published in two volumes. The first volume is critical and the second is on comics and travel.

The first volume deals with five essays on Rabindranath and other Indian and foreign poets and artists. An article on ‘Indian Language Problems’ is attached to this section.
Author Buddhadeb Basu has beautifully analyzed five special essays of world poet Rabindranath Tagore. In the first volume, various critical statements and topics have been discussed.

The second volume has an unwritten subdivision. It has compiled the first 6 essays, from the humorous stage and the various travelogues of the next five authors. Both subdivisions are arranged separately according to the chronology of the composition. At the end of each article, the date of the original composition and the name of the book in which the composition is included are mentioned.

Some long essays are somewhat abbreviated and many early works of the author have been published in a refined form. His mention can be found in the right place. The author has compiled only the first part from the introduction of Kalidasa’s Meghdoot. Where the general character traits of Sanskrit poetry have been nicely discussed.

Author Buddhadeb Basu has beautifully covered various aspects of Rabindranath in this great first volume, among them Rabindranath is a world poet and a Bengali – a critical discussion on this subject. The subject of Rabindranath’s essays and prose art is beautifully presented in this novel. Various critical discussions on Rabindranath in Fiction have been highlighted. Besides, special discussions have been held on Rabindranath’s ‘Galpaguchha’, ‘Rabindranath and his successors’.

Special discussion and criticism about the rebellious poet Kazi Nazrul Islam has blossomed beautifully in this first volume.

Various critical discussions have been held in memory of the author Jibanananda Das. Apart from that, author Sudhindranath Dutta, author Amiya Chakraborty’s Pala-Badal, Ramayana, Bengali children’s literature, Sanskrit poetry and modern age have been beautifully covered. Foreign writers include Charles Baudelaire and Modern Poetry and Language, Poetry and Humanity, Charles Chaplin’ and Two Poets in One Summer.

Author Buddhadeb Basu has compiled well-known works by various authors in the second volume of Ramya Rachna O Travel.
Stories like Purana Paltan, Clive Streete Chand (Moon on Clive Street), Mrityu Jalpona (Death-Speculation), Uttar Tirish (North Thirty), Adda, Noakhali, Konark Pathe, Gopalpur-on-Sea, Rabindranath’s Last Life, Beat Dynasty and Greenwich Village and Yeh Andhar Alok Adhik are compiled in second volume. Done.
Buddhadeb Bose, a uniquely eminent author of Bengali literature, has beautifully compiled essays, delightful essays and stories of different authors in two volumes. Readers who are thirsty for Bengali literature are eager to read Buddhadeb Basu’s books and collect them as soon as they are published. So for reading, we have given the link of the PDF file of the book ‘Essay-Compilation’ on this page.
Readers will be able to collect and read the book from this page. After reading the book, you must make comments so that we can display the collection of more books on this page.

PDF file of Prabandha Sankalan.

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