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Mahabharater Katha by Buddhadeb Basu PDF

Mahabharater Katha by Buddhadeb Basu PDF. The name of the book is Mahabharater Katha. Author – Buddhadeb Basu, Book Category – Novel, The format of the book – PDF, Number of pages in the book – 295. The novel is about the Mahabharater Katha written by Buddhadeb Basu. Buddhadeb Basu is a famous writer of […]

Prabandha Sankalan by Buddhadeb Basu PDF

Prabandha Sankalan by Buddhadeb Basu PDF Book – Prabandha Sankalan, Author Buddhadeb Basu, Book Pages-385, Book Size-27 MB. Author Buddhadeb Basu has compiled the novel Prabandha Sankalan. This Prabandha Sankalan (Collection of Essays) is published in two volumes. The first volume is critical and the second is on comics and travel. The first volume deals […]

Bipanna Bismay by Buddhadeb Basu PDF

Bipanna Bismay has written by Buddhadeb Basu. Author of this book is Buddhadeb Basu. Bengali ebook name is Bipanna Bismay, The book create as PDF, Book pages are 273, The file size of book is 20 MB, Book pages quality – best without watermark. The Author Buddhadeb Basu is a most famous Bengali writer in […]