Mahabharater Katha by Buddhadeb Basu PDF

Mahabharater Katha by Buddhadeb Basu PDF.

The name of the book is Mahabharater Katha.
Author – Buddhadeb Basu,
Book Category – Novel,
The format of the book – PDF,
Number of pages in the book – 295.

The novel is about the Mahabharater Katha written by Buddhadeb Basu.

Buddhadeb Basu is a famous writer of Bengali literature. About 11 years ago today, he went to the US to teach at Indiana University. His subjects there were comparative Indo-European epic – Odyssey, Enid, Iliad on one side and Mahabharata and Ramayana on the other.

On top of these above topics he started teaching at Indiana University and among the students he analyzed nicely and tried to explain with appropriate examples. While he was teaching, many students asked him many questions on various subjects, in which case he had to spend a lot of time on books to gather new information and special ideas on all subjects. While reading and manipulating these many books, the author comes across many information signs, symmetries, many relationships and possibilities which encourage the author to write a novel on the subject of Mahabharata scriptures. Moreover, many questions about Mahabharata-Ramayana among the students also left a mark in the mind of the writer, and from then on the latent desire to write a novel about Mahabharata arose in the mind of the writer.Then after 10 years like this, he thought that he would present this book to the readers beautifully. At first he thought of a simple book, but later on he refined it a lot and analyzed it in order to present it more beautifully to the readers. Moreover, in writing this book, he has received many help in many ways.

Regarding the intent and scope of the book, the author says, “The genre of my discussion is literary or, since the word ‘literature’ is much broader, it can be said to depend on mythology like poetry and poetry. That is, things that are incredible in our modern intellect.” The author does not reject them as unreal, but seeks the essence in all those real mysteries.

Although the main subject of the author is Mahabharata, the context of Ramayana and other Puranas is inevitably mentioned in this book due to comparison and comparison. The ancient and modern literature of the West and some more instances of Swadeshi, everything has been used for the same purpose in this text. The author seeks to show that the Mahabharata is not a distant gray stagnant anecdote by imagining different epochs of different countries that mirror each other, and by ever associating any historical event with them. Flowing into the flowing human life. This statement, however, is not unknown to Indians, yet the author mentions it.

He first published the topics of this book in Desh Patrika. At that time many people encouraged him on the telephone and he was especially criticized in the readership. In this book, the author has mentioned a lot of information on anthropology, sociology or history and many people have helped him a lot in that regard.

So this novel book Mahabharater Katha can be called a unique composition. It goes without saying that the book will be appreciated by the readers of Bengali literature. For that purpose, a link to the PDF file of the book is given on this page. Readers can easily collect the book from our page and read it online.

Mahabharater Katha PDF file.

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