Jakhan Bela Barota by Pratibha Basu

Jakhan Bela Barota by Pratibha Basu


The name of the novel is Jakhan Bela Barota,
Written by Pratibha Basu,
Type of story: Novel,
The book format as PDF.

Writer Pratibha Basu has written the novel Jakhan Bela Barota.

The novel Jakhan Bela Barota’ is based on the story of a female detective.
A detective woman investigates various issues of human beings and determines the real information. Writer Pratibha Basu has beautifully portrayed that subject in her novel.

The book of this novel caused a great stir among the readers. Writer Pratibha Basu has never written such a story or novel before, especially the detective type. This novel has a distinct taste and has been highly acclaimed among readers as well.

For that purpose, we have given the PDF file of the novel Jakhan Bela Barota on this page. You can easily collect the PDF file of the novel from this page and read it online.

The PDF file of the Jakhan Bela Barota.

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