Bichitra Hriday Novel by Pratibha Basu

Bichitra Hriday Novel by Pratibha Basu

The name of the novel is Bichitra Hriday,
Writer Pratibha Basu,
Type of story book: Novel,
The format of the book is PDF.

Author Pratibha Basu has written the novel Bichitra Hriday.

This book is made up of four stories. Writer Pratibha Basu has created four different types and different juices in these four stories. These stories came out in the month of Baishakh 1351. The author then published the novel book together with four stories.

After the publication of the book, there was a lot of criticism among the readers. The author Pratibha Basu has never seen such a story before. These stories have different tastes so the readers will be especially appreciative.

The four stories in this book are Gunijanochita, Khandakavya, Bichitra Hridaya’ and Antahin. The incident in Khandakavya is about a new life. This is a beautiful story written from the beginning of the married life of a young woman. Readers can collect this book as a PDF file from this page and read it online. The link to the book is provided.

PDF file of the book Bichitra Hridaya.

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